Compare side by side any versions

What ever the differences, you will detect them using several techniques in Aproove.

Check below how Aproove will help you to find differences, compare versions or any visual together. Before and after checks will be as easy as 1-2-3


Each time a new page or image including visible changes is pushed in the project, Aproove automatically generates a new version.

If you need to check differences, you can always access any previous version in a snap for very fast comparison of "before" and "after" from any to any version. If changes are not obvious to detect, Aproove can highlight them for you, even one single pixel difference become visible.

Compare ok3

Compare multiple assets side by side, not only revisions of the same one

Using the comparison tool, you will be able to cover many situations where differences are crucial to detect. Comparing pictures of a shooting in order to select the best one, comparing page folios in order to check their position, as many situations as projects. The comparison tool will be helpful also for QC the final version VS creative version of brochure, pictures or presentation. Image checking and comparison is crucial for photographer or picture retoucher. This tool is a must have in online proofing for photographer.

Compare overlay

Identify differences immediately

Aproove will highlight all differences with red or green mask when a new version is created - see where changes are instantly compared to previous version. Green means new pixels and red means vanished pixels.

Compare overlay

Compare Overlay

Overlay an asset on another with transparencies, very handy to locate a picture shift in a Powerpoint presentation, a price block shift on an Adobe Indesign retail brochure, etc.

Compare ok

Display differences in comparison

Display differences in comparison will help to locate where things has vanished or appeared - very easy to see text changes in massive text blocks.

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