Why Brands
need Aproove Work Management

Core benefits of Aproove Work Management enterprise software 


Project Cycle

Time saving
On average Aproove WM customers reduce project turnaround times by 56%

Review Cycles

Revision cycle reduction
On average Aproove WM customers reduce revision cycles by 63%

Email Traffic

Email reduction
On average Aproove WM customers reduce email traffic by 76% 

Year 1 ROI

Proofing cost reduction
92% of Aproove WM customers report 100% Return on Investment in year 1

Some Approving Brands!


Spent years building a brand?

Don't let unregulated work management processes jeopardize your brand identity!

Brands & Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) are under pressure to bring products to market faster and engage with the public across more channels than ever before.

A mix of product and social content, distributed to different countries and cultures is exceptionally challenging. Many well-known brands have been guilty of publishing material that should never have reached the public domain. 

A brand's reputation is everything, so why not let Aproove Work Management help to enforce proper sign off procedures giving you a full audit trail along with security features such as 2FA and e-signature US FDA 21CFR Part 11 compliance.

View Kroger Case Study.       View Armani Case Study

Six features to rock your world!

AFM Software - Aproove

Annotation Flow Management (AFM)

This powerful feature allows for private meeting rooms within the review cycle (Review within Review). Great for legal or merchandise teams 
Project Dashboards - Aproove

Project Dashboards

Never miss a deadline with a Business and Project specific dashboards along with individual and team "To-Do" lists to keep everyone on track!
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Enterprise Work Management Software - Aproove

Enterprise Level Infrastructure

Encrypted, secure environment with a dedicated instance for Enterprise customers
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Annotation and Markup Tools - Aproove

Annotations and Markup Tools

Multi-function markup & text extraction tool working alongside measurement & rotation tools etc.
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Brand Management Software for Brands - Aproove

Business Workflow Builder

Workflow builder allows admins to create decision-based, multi-step, proof routing and business process workflows across the entire organization 
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e-signature 21CFR Part II Compliant

Compliance on FDA regulation for electronic records and signatures vital for Pharma, biotech & CRO organizations
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