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Why Brands
need Aproove Work Management

Core benefits of Aproove Work Management enterprise software 


Project Cycle

Time saving
On average Aproove WM customers reduce project turnaround times by 56%

Review Cycles

Revision cycle reduction
On average Aproove WM customers reduce revision cycles by 63%

Email Traffic

Email reduction
On average Aproove WM customers reduce email traffic by 76% 

Year 1 ROI

Proofing cost reduction
92% of Aproove WM customers report 100% Return on Investment in year 1

Some Approving Brands!


Spent years building a brand?

Don't let unregulated work management processes jeopardize your brand identity!

Brands & Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) are under pressure to bring products to market faster and engage with the public across more channels than ever before.

A mix of product and social content, distributed to different countries and cultures is exceptionally challenging. Many well-known brands have been guilty of publishing material that should never have reached the public domain. 

A brand's reputation is everything, so why not let Aproove Work Management help to enforce proper sign off procedures giving you a full audit trail along with security features such as 2FA and e-signature US FDA 21CFR Part 11 compliance.

Often brands may want the legal or merchandise teams to work in a closed-loop within the approval process, but do not wish to initiate different projects for each department or team. Aproove is the only online proofing solution that can cater to "review within review" (see AFM below). With our powerful dashboard, you can stay on track with all your projects and get early warning indicators if any projects fall behind. 

The benefits of Aproove brand management software are massive. First, you have the obvious return on investment in time and money by producing projects faster, which in turn gets you to market quicker. Secondly, the hidden benefit is protecting your brand's integrity by ensuring compliance with appropriate regulatory and approval workflows. 

Only Aproove brand management software can cater for the more complex compliance, approval, and business requirements of brand companies. Single brand or multiple brands, Aproove has the scalability to cope. Talk to Aproove!

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Six features to rock your world!

AFM Software - Aproove

Annotation Flow Management (AFM)

This powerful feature allows for private meeting rooms within the review cycle (Review within Review). Great for legal or merchandise teams 
Project Dashboards - Aproove

Project Dashboards

Never miss a deadline with a Business and Project specific dashboards along with individual and team "To-Do" lists to keep everyone on track!
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Enterprise Work Management Software - Aproove

Enterprise Level Infrastructure

Encrypted, secure environment with a dedicated instance for Enterprise customers
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Annotation and Markup Tools - Aproove

Annotations and Markup Tools

Multi-function markup & text extraction tool working alongside measurement & rotation tools etc.
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Brand Management Software for Brands - Aproove

Business Workflow Builder

Workflow builder allows admins to create decision-based, multi-step, proof routing and business process workflows across the entire organization 
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e-signature 21CFR Part II Compliant

Compliance on FDA regulation for electronic records and signatures vital for Pharma, biotech & CRO organizations
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