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Aproove Online Proofing Software

Marketing teams, brands, and corporations are under increasing pressure to deliver more content across more channels with fewer resources than ever before.

Delivering a mix of product and social content distributed across multiple countries and cultures is exceptionally challenging. It can easily lead to missed compliance steps that result in costly fines or damaged brand reputation.

Couple this with today's "work from home" culture, and you have a more distributed workforce and client base than ever before. The way we work has changed but has your technology kept pace?

Find out why Aproove's Online Proofing software can streamline your organization, reduce risk, and save cost.

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Centralize your Content Review and Approval Process! 

Aproove Online Proofing Software allows you to centralize your content review and approval process with real-time collaboration across 180+ media formats. Eliminate de-centralized email threads and keep reviewers on track with personal "to-do" lists and automated reminders.

User-friendly dashboards indicate project progression and flag any "at-risk" or "late" running proofs. Dashboards provide a permission-based holistic view giving full business oversight across all your internal and external teams.

Eliminate logistical and timezone barriers. Whatever your role, be it a Project Manager, creative, graphic designer, external agencies, marketing team, legal team, or something else, Aproove Online Proofing Software has a proven ROI with a massive increase in productivity and cost-saving.

Reduce waste. Save time. Save money and get to market faster with our online proofing software.

Powerful Annotation & Collaboration Tools
for clear & concise feedback! 

Delight your clients with a powerful, easy-to-use interface for clear and concise feedback and version comparison! One multi-functional annotation tool makes it easy to onboard your reviewers with no training required. 

Real-time annotations, comments, and threads allow for collaboration within the online proofing tool. Users can even @mention another user to bring them into a conversation thread related to a proofing comment. This centralized approach eliminates miscommunication and results in far fewer revisions.

With Aproove online proofing software, what you see is what you get with accurate on-screen rendering using genuine Adobe and Microsoft Libraries.

Proof Version Control and Comparison Views

Version management is critical when reviewing proofs; without Aproove online proofing, one of the most significant risks is reviewers marking up an out of date proof.

Aproove online proofing tool automatically locks down the old proof version when you upload a new version and prevents reviewers from marking up an old version by making it read-only.

Aproove will automatically detect any changes between the proof versions and highlight them in one of four different display modes, side-by-side, pixel, ghosting, and overlay mode.

Relax knowing your version control is automated, and your comparison views allow for seamless reviews between proof versions.

Features & Benefits of Aproove Online Proofing Software


Support for over 180+ Filetypes!

With over 180+ different filetypes supported, Aproove can support any Online Proofing campaign across PDF, Image, Interactive, HTML, Video, and Audio.

User-Friendly Review Interface

Annotations, notes, comments, and threads all work seamlessly inside our award-winning Review Interface. Minimal to no training is required for reviewers to mark-up and collaborate inside our online proofing tool.

Smart-Review Technology

Make decisions on individual proofs, even on multi-page documents. Aproove works at the page level, not the proof level & therefore, we will never ask you to split your multi-page documents.

Note Tags

Automated or manual note tagging makes it easy to classify review notes. Filter, sort, and report on note classifications with ease. Permission-based and can be custom for every project.

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Version Management & Comparison

Automatic version management works alongside comparison mode. Side-by-side, overlay, pixel, and ghost comparison tools empower users to track proof revisions and changes.
Annotation Flow Management - Aproove

Annotation Flow Management

Virtual meeting rooms where teams can collaborate in private before designated gatekeepers promote the comments back into the step. Ideal for external clients/agencies and departments, such as legal.

Deep Zoom

Decide the zoom level you require on a project-by-project basis. Aproove's tiling technology allows for hi-resolution and fast zoom enabling you to check those finer details with unbelievable speed!

Centralized Dashboards

Never miss another deadline with Aproove's dashboards. Each user has an individual "To-Do" dashboard and access to an "All Projects" and "individual" project dashboards. Project health gets monitored, and the dashboards can be customized per user.

Cropped Content Review

Only want to share part of your page or video? Only Aproove allows you to crop the page or video content allowing you to share very precise content. Fantastic for ring-fencing content or hiding sensitive material.

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Still not convinced?

 With  Online Proofing Software

  • Aproove online proofing eliminates the need for paper, ink, and delivery. Save costs and reduce carbon footprint.

  • Instantly send reviewers notice to review proofs online with one source of truth.

  • Centralized view of all your proofs with real-time updates to track proof progression.

  • Eliminate de-centralized email threads and attachments.

  •  Aproove online proofing tool can be accessed anytime and from anywhere in the world with any computer or smart device connected to the internet. 

  • Digital, interactive & video content can be annotated from any browser.

  • Versioning tools allow side by side, overlay, pixel, or ghost comparison between versions or other proofs.

  • All proofs are locked at each revision stage & can get recalled to see when the changes were made and by whom, allowing for a full audit trail.

  • @mention tool allows you to invite people directly into the proof at the review stage and the search tool allows you to find content within the proof.

  • Fewer revision cycles speed up your workflow and get you to market faster!

 Without  Online Proofing Software

  • Physical proofs cost money to produce and deliver and impact the environment.

  • The time taken to create and deliver the hard proof adds vast amounts of time to the project duration.

  • Gaining approval is challenging when reviewers are not in the same physical location.

  • Sending proofs via email attachment is de-centralized. Reviewers cannot see each other's comments. It does not ensure everyone is looking at the latest proof version. Then you have to collate all the email threads together to make the required edits.

  • Manually comparing versions is challenging, with edits easily missed.

  • Keeping a physical audit trail of proof feedback from different reviewers is time-consuming and inefficient and can lead to disputes on subsequent versions of the artwork.

  • Unlike online proofing physical proofs do not work with interactive, HTML, and video content.

  • Compliance steps can easily be skipped or missed as no fixed workflow is in place.