Why choose Aproove Work Management?

Aproove Work Management is unique.
Enterprise Work Management and Online Proofing combined into a single highly configurable platform to fit any business vertical.

Business process management and workflow automation tools combine to provide a powerful collaboration platform with online proofing capabilities.

What makes Aproove Work Management unique is the way we do things. Attention to detail and working with some of the most challenging and complex use cases has enabled us to provide a highly configurable system that's adaptable to any business vertical or scenario.

Below are some of the essential points that make Aproove Work Management different. Some of these points may not be so obvious on the surface, but they are the difference between a useful tool and a vital tool to the many enterprise clients we serve.

Read on to see why Aproove Work Management is genuinely unique or, click here to review our amazing features!

Automate to Accelerate! 

Aproove Work Management has powerful and unique features to automate your work process, task management, approvals, and compliance.

Visually build workflows that incorporate your work in progress, compliance, and approval needs. Manually create or trigger automated workflows by upload, downloads, API, hot folders, or with data form input.

Pre-defined workflow steps ensure automated task notifications will pull the appropriate resources into a project at the correct time, and projects can flow across multiple branches in a workflow based on decisions or data input into the workflow during its progression

Power your efficiency with Form Intake!

Work requests come in multiple different formats, such as email, instant message, a piece of paper, verbally, or via a meeting. A lot of time gets wasted trying to gather relevant information to turn requests into an actual output. 

The ability to create and publish forms as part of your workflow may not sound all that important or even very exciting. Still, forms provide the means to collect vital project or task information in a controlled and concise fashion.

Going one step further, the data input into a form can be stored as metadata and used to automate and drive workflows. Forms can be used in any business situation across any department or business vertical.

Report on what you want, when you want!

Business and KPI reports are critical for business success giving essential information across all aspects of the business. 

Reporting inside Aproove occurs at many different levels covering many different requirements. Project Dashboards report activity in real-time, and automated alerts and notifications keep users in touch with project and task activity. Each user can setup notifications to suit requirements.

A variety of pre-built reports can be run at any time depending on the users permission level. Taking Aproove Work Management to another level is our custom report tool which exposes the entire Aproove database so that companies can build business reports based on exact requirements and decide who has access to them from within the Aproove WM interface.


Enterprise Online Proofing - only check the content that changed between revisions!

Aproove WM in-built Online Proofing provides Smart Review & Version Management Technology that automatically scans any revised proofs to check if content changed between revisions.

This powerful feature ensures that proofs do not get version numbers if no changes are detected when a new file is uploaded.

Furthermore, If a multi-page document is uploaded, the smart versioning technology will only apply a revision number on the pages that changed. (It does not give the entire document a new revision number) thus, allowing reviewers to check only the changed pages without the need to re-read the entire document.

Flexible hosting options!

Aproove Work Management runs on Microsoft Azure Cloud, a robust and scalable hosting platform with global instances to serve our client base better, no matter where the location.

Aproove Work Management clients have unprecedented levels of flexibility around the deployment options available to them.


Aproove Work Management partners with industry leaders Adobe and Microsoft!

With Aproove Work Management, what you see is what you get.

Aproove works with the world’s most commonly-used software applications and proprietary file formats via OEM agreements, and we never use open source technology so that your files display in Aproove WM precisely as they do in their native systems.
Aproove is the only cloud-based work Management platform that uses original Adobe and Microsoft libraries to guarantee complete accuracy.

Support for over 180+ File Formats!

Aproove Work Management supports over 180+ File formats natively, and continually adds more as file formats expand and evolve.

Click a category below to see the vast array of supported file formats, and please do drop us a line if anything is missing and we will be happy to investigate the possibility of adding it.