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Business Process Management Software
Business Process Management (BPM) with Aproove Work Management

All businesses, both large and small, should have a detailed understanding of the processes and workflows involved to achieve "Business as Usual."

Once you have mapped out your business processes and rules, it will equate to "Business as usual" (BAU) to keep a routine work environment. Employees are far more productive and comfortable when they understand the business process and your expectations. In turn, a business can benefit from considerable gains in efficiency that save both time and money with clearly defined procedures.

With Aproove Work Management, you can make those processes a reality. Visually build your business processes and apply rules, compliance, and security at every step. Aproove does not just map the process; it tasks the users at the right time and provides them with the business process management tools to carry out the job!

With Aproove's Business Process Management Software, managers can monitor and report on works progressions and quickly identify any bottlenecks or in-efficiencies with your process. With this foresight, you can make informed business decisions based on real data.

Find out how Aproove's Business Process Management software can give you centralization and full business transparency across your business processes! 

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Build Business Process Workflows
using the Workflow Builder Tool!

Aproove's workflow automation software capabilities get fully exposed to the AprooveWM administrator via the Business Process Workflow Builder tool.

Any workflow complexity is hidden from the end-users who automatically receive work tasks as the required time as the work progresses. 

Administrators visually map and build highly configurable workflow steps tailored to your exact requirements. Many configurable options exist at every step, such as step behavior, trigger and actions, security, timesheets, users and groups, and much more.

No other Business Process Management Tool offers this amount of flexibility and configuration.

Make informed decisions with Business and KPI Reporting! 

Business and KPI reports are critical for business success giving essential information on areas of improvement and opportunities for growth. 

Permission-based, pre-built, custom reports can be built and run on-demand. Track and analyze your business processes' health and performance, identifying any bottlenecks or improvement areas in your process. Optional in-built timesheets give insight into the time taken across some or all of your companies tasks.

Generate reports on-demand based on your business requirements with our BPM tools!

Enrich & Automate your workflows with Custom Forms 

Create custom forms and inject them anywhere in Aproove's workflow management software. The gathered information can be used to create or progress a project or even dictate what workflow to use.

Users give information in a structured way by filling out the custom form relevant to your business operations. This enables the project/tasks to progress without wasting time collecting essential information during the project.

Forms can harvest the data and store it as metadata, which can be extracted by the business process management software and reused anywhere in the workflow, ultimately driving workflow routes, variables, and outcomes. This business process workflow allows simple, user-friendly forms to drive complex workflows that do not need to get exposed to the end-users

The business information entered by any user can automatically guide the workflow direction, just like putting the zip code into a satellite navigation system!

Business Process Management that
tasks the right people at the right time 

Work requests often get sent in many different forms, such as email, verbally, or even a sticky note left on your desk!. With no centralization and task management software, it's no wonder work instructions get missed. Couple this with unclear deadlines; many employees and vendors struggle to prioritize work, causing undue pressure and risking project deadlines.

Aproove Work Management gives users the business process management and task management tools they need when they need them to carry out work tasks and requests. No more jotting down requests on paper; each user has their individual "To-Do" list, which is automatically populated and updated as they receive and complete assigned tasks.

Find out how Aproove's Task Management software can improve your organization's efficiency and reduce risk.