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Let your Integrations fly with ...

Introducing Aproove Concoord! Aproove's very own Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)! 

Connect any third party application to Aproove using our low code custom connectors & no code reusable nodes and workflows!

Aproove API

Enterprise customers who wish to embed Aproove WM into 3rd party applications or make application callbacks can access our powerful, fully documented API's along with development support.

• Fully documented REST and RPC API's
• Dynamic Webhook capabilities

OEM Opportunities

Aproove WM has several OEM agreements with software vendors and clients who typically embed Aproove's engines inside their software or offer Aproove as a product addition.

About Aproove Concoord

The challenge today with disparate SaaS solutions is they become data silos. Businesses require mission-critical connectivity and integrations between systems that work!

This requires some middleware, `bridging` software that allows systems to communicate. But where does that live? SaaS solutions are typically locked down and not extensible.

Aproove has recognized this and can uniquely provide Aproove Concoord with an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) built right into the Aproove echo system.

Concoord is not your typical iPaaS system, which is limited by its built functions and connectors; there are over 3,600 available functions & connectors for Concoord; you are free to build your own or have our professional services team create them for you.

Concoord ease of use offers integrations at different skill levels. Building connectors can be achieved with built-in components using simple drag & drop, or more complex requirements can be built programmatically using Node.js.


Aproove Concoord Highlights!

  • Connects any third party application (with api capabilities) to Aproove, using low code custom connectors & no code reusable nodes & workflows
  • Powerful payload manipulation, ensuring both data in and out matches the API expectations
  • Concoord allows for rapid development & deployment cycles for any new connections/integrations (with a library of pre-existing connections)
  • Extendable feature set, allows you to add new connectors, nodes, and workflows with little effort, using a powerful drag & drop, and simple to use interface
  • Concoord can connect any of your applications, or data, no matter where it resides (even 3rd party platforms with poor API capabilities can be catered for with Aproove Concoord)
  • The Aproove Concoord iPaaS platform gives the unique capability to store your SaaS integrations in our fully hosted platform running alongside Aproove Work Management
  • Create your own 3rd party connectors that bind with Aproove, or Aproove Professional Services can build them for you