Why Procurement Management Systems
Need Aproove Work Management

Core benefits of Aproove Work Management enterprise software 


Project Cycle

Time saving
On average Aproove WM customers reduce project turnaround times by 56%

Review cycles

Revision cycle reduction
On average Aproove WM customers reduce review cycle times by 63%

Email Traffic

email reduction
On average Aproove WM customers reduce email traffic by 76% 

Year 1 ROI

Year 1 ROI
92% of Aproove WM customers report 100% Return on Investment in year 1

Some Approving Procurement Service Providers!


Measured by your efficiency gains?

Time & money savings increase credibility & bottom line

Procurement service providers usually win tenders under a strict and measured mandate, that efficiency and monetary gains must be proven to justify the outsourcing of the service.

Procurement Management Systems usually have a mixture of in-house technology that integrates into the best of breed technologies offered from 3rd party vendors. These systems are tightly integrated, and built to be deployed across multiple clients, but have enough flexibility to meet specific client needs.  This approach makes the technology more profitable as further customers get implemented into the platform. 

Aproove WM is the only enterprise work management solution that has the capability and scale to deal with large corporate companies' complex business processes. Aproove Work Management is much more than just work or task management software; it is a business process tool. Tailored and specific workflows can get built using our workflow building engine that gives granular control in complex corporate environments while giving you the option for collaborative project management across teams.

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Six features to rock your world!

API Integrations | Procurement Management Systems - Aproove

API, Webhooks & Integrations

Inbuilt integrations along & powerful API ensure you can connect to other critical tools in your Marketing Technology Stack

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Infrastructure & Security - Procurement WM Systems

Infrastructure & Security

Encrypted, secure environment with a dedicated instance for Enterprise customers
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Multi-page documents do not get treated as a single proof. Make decisions on individual pages or the entire proof
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Trigger based

Trigger Based Events

Specify events that trigger actions such as email, FTP & project creation, or even a webhook callback!
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Business Workflow Builder - Aproove

Business Workflow Builder

Workflow builder allows the admin to create decision-based, multi-step, proof routing and business process workflows across the entire organization.
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Annotation Flow Management - Aproove

Annotation Flow Management (AFM)

A Powerful feature that allows private meeting rooms within the review cycle (Review within Review).