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Workflow Management Software

Business Workflows with Aproove Work Management

Aproove Workflow Management Software gives you the power and flexibility to build your perfect Business Process workflows!

In a modern, fast-paced competitive environment, time is money! Companies must do all they can to drive efficiency and profitability to stay competitive.

A great way to achieve this is to look at your internal & external business processes to discover where workflow management systems can help. The purpose of workflow management is to compliment your talented staff, freeing them to work on the highly skilled tasks you pay them to do.

Workflow automation and management tools can help to;

  • Automate repetitive un-skilled task or un-billable tasks
  • Ensure nobody can bypass any required compliance steps
  • Eliminate human error
Find out why Aproove's Workflow Management software can streamline your organization, reduce risk, and save cost.

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Workflow Management Software Allows
you to build to your exact needs!

Aproove's workflow management platform capabilities get fully exposed to the AprooveWM administrator via the Business Process Workflow Builder tool.

Any workflow complexity is hidden from the end-users who automatically receive work tasks as the required time as the work progresses.  Administrators visually map and build highly configurable workflow steps tailored to your exact requirements. Many configurable options exist at every step, such as step behavior, trigger and actions, security, timesheets, users and groups, and much more.

No other Workflow Management Tool offers this amount of flexibility and configuration with business workflows.

Accelerate your workflow & automate
un-billable tasks with Triggers & Actions

Have you ever wondered how much time is wasted by team members carrying out mundane, repetitive, and often un-billable tasks?

The task itself may be vital to a workflow, but why waste valuable resources on functions such as transferring files, sending tasks & updating projects when it can be fully automated?. Once the trigger and actions are configured, they will execute every time using the parameters you specify, which removes any chance of human error and monitors your workflows 24/7.

Let your team concentrate on the skilled profitable work and leave the workflow management to Aproove!

Enrich & Automate your workflows with Custom Forms 

Create custom forms and inject them anywhere in Aproove's workflow management software. The gathered information can be used to create or progress a project or even dictate what workflow to use.

Users give information in a structured way by filling out the custom form relevant to your business operations. This enables the project/tasks to progress without wasting time collecting essential information during the project.

Forms can harvest the data and store it as metadata, which can be extracted and reused anywhere in the workflow, ultimately driving workflow routes, variables, and outcomes. This business process workflow allows simple, user-friendly forms to drive complex workflows that do not need to get exposed to the end-users

The business information entered by any user can automatically guide the workflow direction, just like putting the zip code into a satellite navigation system!
Why should you Aproove?
A few reasons why you should trust Aproove with your workflow management!
Automated Workflow Triggers - Aproove

Automated Workflow
Triggers and Actions

Create automated actions that are triggered by events or decisions in the workflow and say goodbye to those mundane un-billable tasks! 

Business Workflow Builder - Aproove

Business Workflow Builder Tool

Map decision-based workflows with multiple steps and looped workflows. Workflow rules, event triggers, security, and even API calls can be applied!


Unlimited Custom Data Forms

Create custom forms that can be used anywhere in the workflow. The data input by the users can be stored as metadata and used to drive the workflow management!

metadata-driven workflows - Aproove

Metadata Driven Workflows

Enrich your projects with custom metadata that can be injected via forms, manual input or 3rd party applications. Store and re-use metadata that will help you automate workflow management


Decision-based workflows

Decisions that are taken by users in the workflow can dictate which workflow branch the project will take. Build decision buttons bespoke to your business requirements!


API & Webhook Capabilities

Comprehensive REST and RPC API's are available should you want to integrate or communicate with any 3rd party system in your technology stack


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Still not convinced?

 With  A Workflow Management system
  • Automate un-billable and repetitive tasks. Save time and money.

  • Eliminate human error by setting up pre-defined workflow triggers and actions with the correct parameters.  One source of truth.

  • Create business workflows to match your business procedures. Documented workflows across all teams/departments.

  • Ensure compliance with mandated steps and security settings. No skipping vital workflow steps.

  • Full audit trail of who did what and when. All interaction is fully logged.

  • Hide all workflow complexity away from the end users. Users are automatically tasked when they are required to fulfil a workflow step.

  • Forms capture required information. The information provided can decide the workflow path.
 Without  A Workflow Management System
  • Expensive human resources carry out mundane and repetitive tasks when they should be focused on high-value work.

  • Human error is always a possibility when you do repetitive tasks manually.

  • Manual workflows can easily be circumnavigated; this is high-risk to businesses who want to ensure procedure and compliance is always followed.

  • Different teams and departments frequently build closed manual workflows that are not visible to the rest of the business. No standardization of best practice.

  • Manual workflows are difficult to track and a full audit trail is difficult to obtain.

  • Manual workflows do not notify users automatically when they are required to carry out a task.

  • Gathering information from users can be sporadic and difficult without workflow management software in place putting extra time on a project lifecycle.

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