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Task Management with Aproove Work Management


Aproove Task Management Software tasks the right people at the right time, to keep your projects on track!

A standard workday typically needs your workforce to complete many tasks to keep projects on track and deadlines met.

Work requests often get sent in many different forms, such as email, verbally, or even a sticky note left on your desk!. With no centralization and task management software, it's no wonder work instructions get missed. Couple this with unclear deadlines; many employees and vendors struggle to prioritize work, causing undue pressure and risking project deadlines.

Aproove Work Management gives users the task management tools they need when they need them to carry out work tasks and requests. No more jotting down requests on paper; each user has their individual "To-Do" list, which is automatically populated and updated as they receive and complete assigned tasks.

  • Ensure compliance steps are adhered to
  • Ensure deadlines are clear with automated reminders and early warning indicators
  • Provide a full audit trail of who did what and when
  • Give complete management oversight across departments and vendors
Find out how Aproove's Task Management software can improve your organization's efficiency and reduce risk.

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Email notifications working alongside
Individual and Team "To-Do" lists!

Users can receive work requests directly in their inbox. The invite gives them a direct link to the requested task and automatically gives them the correct permissions and task management tools to carry out the job.

Registered users also have a personal "To-Do" list right inside the application. The "To-Do" list gives a complete list of work that needs to be carried out along with the deadlines and other useful project information. As a user completes a task, it automatically gets removed from the users "To-Do".

The Team "To-Do" list allows a task to get assigned to a team, it will appear in the "to do" list of all the users in the team, and it will have an "unassigned" label. The task can then get self-assigned by a team member, or the team manager can assign the task to a team member. 

"To-Do" Lists and notifications make it easy for your team centrally view and understand work priorities 


Automatic and Manual Task
Assignment to cater for every scenario! 

Setup tasks to be (automatically) sent as part of a pre-configured workflow. Tasks can be assigned using pre-configured rules in the workflow or using metadata values sent via a 3rd party system or Aproove Form. This flexibility and power allow task invites to get sent based on workflow steps or decisions taken in the workflow. 

Sometimes you may need a team member to carry out a task that does not have a specific workflow attached to it. We call this an "Ad-Hoc" task. Create a new task in the task management software and assign it to a user or team, and it will automatically notify the user via email or the "To-Do" list (or both). 

Task Management intelligence allows tasks to be sent at precisely the right time allowing users to concentrate on the tasks that matter!


Conflict Managers keep your projects moving!

Sending tasks is all well and good, but what happens if you ever have a
"conflict" in your workflow? Conflicts are a natural business occurrence, even in manual workflows. Any Task Management needs to cater for things such as;

  • Users not completing a task before the required deadline
  • The ability to assign and re-assign users to tasks
  • Stepping in when users conflict on decisions, e.g., one user approves and one user rejects a proof, conflict manager makes a final decision

You don't get restricted to just one conflict manager. As the workflow progresses, you may require different conflict managers to account for different teams or business processes. Conflict Managers get automatically notified in the task management software when deadlines are approaching, or a conflict arises in the workflow.

Don't let your workflow stall. Conflict managers keep work moving.

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A few reasons why you should trust Aproove with all your task management needs!


Individual and Team "To-Do" Lists

Direct tasks appear in the user or teams "To-Do" list. One central view with clear deadlines across all assigned tasks.

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Alerts and Notifications

In-App notifications appear in real-time. Users have the ability to set up dashboard columns and notification preferences to suit personal requirements.


Conflict Managers

Assign conflict managers to keep projects moving and resolve any deadline or conflict issues quickly and efficiently.



@mention users directly into a project if you want to canvas an opinion or get clarity around a task. @mentions can even be restricted to whitelisted domains!



Timesheets can optionally appear at the end of any task allowing users to populate time for the task they just completed rather than trying to remember at the end of the day!


Instant Share

Task users outside of a workflow using the instant share function. Send a wide variety of tasks instantly to users or guests!


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Still not convinced?

 With  Task Management Software


  • Give users clarity with a central "To-Do" List where they can work through all assigned tasks.

  • Each assigned task gives the user the appropriate permissions to carry out the job requested.

  • Clear deadlines and automated reminders. Visual early warning indicators in the task management dashboard.

  • Management has one view of all projects across all teams or departments to track and check project health and progression.

  • Team "To-Do" list enables tasks to be assigned to a team rather than an individual, great when you have a pool of people in a department, and anyone can take the task ownership.

  • Forms can be presented to users, which drive workflows and notifications.

  • Conflict Managers ensure tasks keep progressing as deadlines approach or conflicting decisions are made.
 Without  Task Management Software


  • Work requests come in many different ways, such as email, conversations, stick it notes, etc. 

  • Extremely difficult to understand priorities and deadlines.

  • No project visibility across different teams and departments.

  • No early warning indicators to highlight projects that are "at-risk."

  • Managers often get involved in conflicts such as missed deadlines etc. after the event, usually when it is too late.

  • No task management means that steps can easily be missed or skipped altogether.

  • Vast amounts of wasted time and effort with bad communication.

  • No audit trail for compliance.