What is Work Management?

The modern workplace has changed drastically in a short space of time. We are more connected than ever before, but with a much more distributed workforce. More marketing and distribution channels, faster turnaround times, and strict brand, corporate and regulatory compliance require high efficiency to meet the challenges and increase revenue streams.

Work Management allows you to implement your business workflow processes and help you manage, automate, monitor, and streamline your business process across a single team, department, or global organization.

The way we work has evolved...
Are your business tools keeping pace?

wm-Distributed Workforce

Distributed Workforce

Remote working requires tools that keep employees engaged and on-track, task management, collaboration, plus 24/7 availability to cover timezones and flexible working.

wm-Time To Market

Time To Market

The speed at which products need to hit the market has increased rapidly. To keep ahead, you need tools that increase productivity to maximize revenue.

wm-Work Smarter

Work Smarter

Task the right people at the right time and automate the repetitive, but vital tasks. Identify and eliminate bottlenecks in your workflow and ensure compliance.

wm-Business Oversight

Business Oversight

Faster turnaround, often with fewer resources, requires a centralized & holistic view of all on-going projects and tasks along with robust reporting capabilities to stay on track.

 With  Aproovewm

Centralize all your projects for complete visibility.

Remote workers access a real-time dashboard to track work and automatically receive task assignments.
Individuals or teams can receive tasks via personal or team "to-do" lists.
Automatically give the user the correct tool/s to carry out the task.
Collaborate across departments or teams using one central real-time dashboard to track progress.
Set deadlines on tasks, steps, and projects with automatic reminders, and apply conflict managers to resolve any "at-risk" tasks/projects.
Visually build "business workflows" to ensure no compliance steps get skipped, unless authorized by a manager with the appropriate permissions.
Configurable timesheets can be input at any step/s in the workflow to capture time and effort.
KPI and Reports are instantly available with up-to-date information at run time. 
Full audit trail and forced compliance of the business process steps ensures costly mistakes get avoided with full accountability.
 Without  Aproovewm
Work is siloed in departments and not easily visible across the entire organization.

Remote workers do not have the correct tools to interact with the team and follow the workflow process.

Project Management Tools are great, but they only task people, they do not provide the means to complete the job.

Different and often disjointed tools get used across various departments and teams.

Collaboration is not centralized with phone calls, emails, and meetings often undocumented and not stored in a central location.

Work priorities are challenging to understand, with conflicting information coming from different sources.

Not having a structured workflow can lead to vital compliance steps getting missed, which can result in costly errors.

Generating KPI and Business reports is challenging, often relying on individual department managers to supply reporting metrics that need collating across departments. The report is often out of date before it gets produced.

Disjointed systems and processes result in no audit trail and no accountability, with no way to identify bottlenecks in the process.

You do the Math!

Aproove Work Management gives an instant return on investment with an increase in productivity and efficiency.
The numbers don't lie! 
Project Cycle Reduction
Review Cycle Reduction
Email Traffic Reduction
Achieve 100% ROI In Year 1

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