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Digital Asset Management Software
With  the Aproove Asset Browser!

Manage and distribute your Digital Assets
from one central repository with "One Source of Truth"

Having assets stored in an unstructured ad-hoc fashion like on individual computers, external hard drives, and even external vendors makes it inefficient and time-consuming to locate the content you already own.

Many companies waste money by re-producing digital assets that are already in existence, simply because they cannot be found, or worse; your external agency wants to charge you to deliver an asset you already paid for and used in a previous campaign!

The Aproove Work Management platform gives its users Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions and tools via the Asset Browser. Integrated as part of the core solution, providing endless possibilities to manage "work in progress" projects while also having a holistic view of your data repository housed within the same system.

Combine Aproove's Digital Asset Management software with full online proofing, workflow automation, and task management; you have a fully incorporated Work Management platform to drive your business.

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One centralized repository with one source of truth
for all your digital assets!

Our DAM software will help you create a central repository where users can interact with your digital assets such as documents, images, presentations, videos, and HTML files allows companies to keep control of the brand by having one "source of truth" with total brand consistency.

No more "hunt the image," users find the assets they need with simple folder navigation, searches, and filters. 

Save time, not hunting for assets. Save money, not re-producing assets you already own. Protect your brand, making only authorized assets available!

Find, Share, distribute, and even create new projects!

Navigate, search, and find the assets you are looking for, then easily download your selection in your desired format, or distribute them to internal and external stakeholders with shared download links. 

Digital Asset Management tools and solutions are a part of a bigger Work Management platform meaning users can even "kick-off" new projects using files selected within the DAM or launch the review interface if the asset is stored as a "proof." 

Finding and distributing content with Aproove Digital Asset Management system is easy with a user-friendly interface, asset previews, and slick searching. 

DAM incorporated directly
in the heart of your Work Management!

Aproove Work Management is your one-stop-shop for all your workflow automation, task management, online proofing, and digital asset management solutions. Our platform intertwines features and functions, enabling users to get the job done seamlessly. 

For example, a note tag added to a proof using the annotation tools could invoke the user to find the asset they want to be used in the proof by directly viewing the Asset Browser (DAM) for image selection without ever leaving the review interface. 

The power of interlocking tools as part of one solution is obvious, and so is the return on investment!

Already have existing PIM or Digital Asset Management Software? No problem! 

Work Management is central to everything so it is essential mission critical tools "play nice" with other technologies in your ecosphere. You may already have a PIM or Digital Asset Management system. With this in mind, Aproove treated its own Aproove Drive as a 3rd party system meaning that integration into other systems is entirely possible.

In short, we could potentially re-point the Asset Browser menu from Aproove's Drive to browse any compatible DAM/ERP system via our connector API. 

Relax knowing your version control is automated, and your comparison views allow for seamless reviews between proof versions.

Features & Benefits of Aproove Digital Asset Management


Support for over 180+ Filetypes!

With over 180+ different filetypes supported, Aproove can support PDF, Image, Interactive, HTML, and Video previews.

User-Friendly Searching and Filtering!

Digital Asset Management tool has powerful and fast searching across file name, folder name, project name, tags, and metadata with filtering order your results quickly!

File-Tree Navigation & folder creation with drag & drop!

Navigate your files using file-tree navigation or reveal where an asset is stored in your file-tree with the click of a button. Create folders and upload content with simple drag & drop!

Share and Distribute
your digital assets!

Share and distribute assets with internal and external stakeholders efficiently within the interface and eliminate laborious & time-consuming emails for file sharing

Create projects from within
the Asset Browser!

Find and collect your assets before creating a new project directly within the Asset Browser interface. Kick off a review cycle or invite others to upload into your project!

Annotate files directly
from within the DAM

Aproove's in-built Online Proofing allows users to directly annotate any proofs stored inside the DAM tool without the need for 3rd party tools! 
Navigate the Asset Browser from the Review Interface!-1

Navigate the Asset Browser from the Review Interface!

Maybe you are reviewing content and want to replace an image. Would it be useful if you could search and preview all the files stored on your drive to make your selection?
Connect to another DAM or PIM!-1

Connect to another

Want to re-point the Asset Browser to point to your existing Product Information Management or Digital Asset Management system? No problem. Aproove connectors give you the best of both worlds!

Huge return on investment
in both time and money!

With incorporated workflow automation, task management, online proofing, and digital asset management, Aproove provide all the tools you need to get the job done!

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Still not convinced?

 With  Digital Asset Management (DAM)

  • You have a centralized data repository for all your digital assets Save time hunting!

  • Re-use assets and achieve maximum value for money. Save money, creating assets that already exist!

  • Own your digital assets, and retain control of your media. Don't pay a 3rd party to send your data!

  • One source of truth enables the correct brand approved assets to be found and distributed. Secure your brand!

  • Download assets in your chosen format without having to use resources in the Marketing or Studio teams. A Self Service Digital Asset Management saves billable time!

  • Aproove Work Management's Asset Browser DAM can be re-pointed to view other 3rd party DAM or PIM systems. Aproove Work Management is a technology stack connector!


 Without  Digital Asset Management (DAM)

  • Distributed, unsearchable assets. Wasted time searching!

  • Assets already owned may need to be re-created when they cannot be found. Wasted time and money!

  • 3rd party companies such as agencies may be hosting or storing your assets. Loss of control and ownership of your data.

  • Distributed assets can result in many duplicates, which could be out of date. Risk to your brand guidelines!

  • No self-serving Digital Asset Management can result in more requests to the Marketing team for collateral and formatting. More resources, more time, more cost. 

  • No Digital Asset Management or Work Management results in the need for more resources and manual intervention. More cost, and less efficiency