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Accelerate your Productivity
Aproove Work Management

Aproove WM Software accelerates your productivity with powerful Project Management, Workflow Automation, Task Management, and Online Proofing tools that keep everyone on track to ensure you never miss a deadline!

Truly unique features empower businesses to boost productivity with full oversight of all business operations.

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Project Management Software Dashboard - Aproove

Project Dashboards

Never miss a deadline with the centralized business overview dashboard that works alongside individual dashboards for each project. Track progress and see early warning indicators.

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DAM Software - Aproove

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Upload, store, share, distribute, and search across all your digital assets using the Aproove DAM. Already have a DAM or ERP?, Re-point the Asset Browser to a 3rd party system!

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conflict management

Conflict Management

Conflict resolution managers can be assigned at different stages and in different groups, empowered to resolve conflicts to prevent endless loops & delays getting to sign off.

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Custom Forms

Create custom forms that can be used to initiate a project or task. The data input can be stored as metadata to start or drive the workflow.

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KPI & Business Reports

Generate KPI and Business reports on demand, using the pre-built reports or add the custom report generator for more generic and custom reporting.

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180+ Supported Filetypes

Support for every filetype, including PDF, Documents, Video, HTML, and much more!

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Adobe Extensions

Allow your production teams to view notes and annotations directly inside Adobe applications! No more printing out annotations or viewing them on a different screen! You can even comment, @mention, collaborate, and navigate your Aproove projects directly inside the Adobe Applications!

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Business Workflow Builder - Aproove

Business Workflow Builder

Unique to Aproove WM, our business workflow builder allows the admin to draw decision-based workflows with multiple steps and looped workflows. Event triggers and API calls can even be specified.

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Single Sign-On (SAML 2.0)

True Enterprise Level SSO using SAML 2.0 on dedicated cloud infrastructure where you retain control as the IDP.

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Inject metadata into your workflow and use it to initiate and drive workflows, send notifications, and much more!

Tags Feature Graphic-1


Tags allow you to manage and organize projects, proofs, sections, and notes. They can be added manually or automatically to enhance business processes within a workflow.


Individual "To Do" List

Any tasks assigned to a user automatically appear in a personal "To Do" list making it easy for users to complete tasks. Some users even turn off email notifications and exclusively use the "To Do" list.

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Version Management & Smart Review

Automatic version management with optional Smart Review technology that will physically analyze revised proofs, and only version proofs that changed even in a multi-page file!


Annotations and Markup Tools

Unique, multi-functional markup & text extraction tool that requires no training, working alongside our other powerful review tools.

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Time & Materials

Time & Material input can automatically appear after tasks are completed or users/managers can  enter/adjust time& materials manually.

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Team "To-Do" Lists

Team "To-Do" list allows tasks to get assigned to a team or department, which can then be picked up by any team member or assigned by a manager. 

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Version Comparison

Compare proof versions in multiple ways, including; side by side overlay, pixel, and ghost comparison.

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e-signature 21CFR Part II Compliant

Aproove WM is fully compliant with FDA regulation on electronic records and signatures, which is very important for Pharma, biotech & CRO organizations.

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API, Webhooks & Integrations

Aproove has many In-built integrations along with a powerful webhook capable API, allowing connection to your other business-critical technologies.

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Project Creation Wizard

User-friendly project creation wizard allows users to create review steps easily, assign reviewers, assign roles, set rules, and deadlines. You can even save configurations as templates for later use.

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Trigger and Actions

Set up event-based triggers to automate repetitive functions anywhere in the workflow or project, freeing up your resources to concentrate on more profitable work.

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Annotation Flow Management (AFM)

Unique and powerful virtual private meeting rooms where teams can collaborate in private before the selected comments are promoted back to the proof by a designated gatekeeper. 

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Comments & @mentions

Powerful threaded comments for in-proof collaboration with the @mention capability to easily add contributors to conversations or specific notes.

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Content-Based Smart Review

Unique to Aproove, reviewers can make decisions on individual proofs, even on multi-page documents. This fantastic feature means you never need to separate multi-page files.

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Content & Color Accurate

Aproove WM is the only cloud-based software that uses the genuine Adobe & Microsoft Libraries to ensure 100% content and color accuracy alongside full ICC and Pantone color support. 

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Collect, Share & Distribute

Work Management that handles an entire project lifecycle. Request, share, and distribute files and see full previews just like a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution.

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Free Guest Users

Invite guests reviewers for free without impacting your user license count. Guest users can be invited at any time during the project, even after startup.

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PDF Layer Tool

Review Interface feature that allows users to select and view different PDF layer combinations. Fully supports transparency. Expose layers based on permissions! 

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Alerts & Notifications

Alerts and notifications with deadline reminders will keep your projects on track with users able to set individual preferences on alert frequency, groupings, and delivery methods. 

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Enterprise Infrastructure & Security

Encrypted, secure, and scalable infrastructure in the Microsoft Azure cloud environment. Multi-tenant, dedicated, hybrid, and self-hosting options available.

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Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Apply 2FA at a granular step level or individual decision level, as an optional, extra security layer.

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Aproove is a cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. Discover the benefits of using cloud and SaaS software.

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Deep Zoom

Ultra-fast deep zoom allows you to get up close and personal with your content. View that small print and check those small icons with ease, and with our patented tiling system, you won't believe the speed!

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Searching in Aproove

Build advanced search filters & share your search filters with other users and groups. Expert search tool for advanced users with direct access to Aproove's Query Language. Search for text content within your proofs and apply annotation notes directly from the search results.

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Crop page or video Review

Only want to share part of your page or video with a reviewer?. Only Aproove can allow cropping of individual pages, HTML & video so the reviewer will only see specific content.

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Extract Text

Select and extract text directly into a note, and our visual display will highlight any text additions or deletions made to the text content.

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Instant Share

Instantly share a task with someone who was not initially part of the project without having to edit the project settings.

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reference document

Reference Documents

Hold reference or master files for comparison against any proof even if they are not part of the review or versioning process. Naming conventions can even automatically associate reference files to proofs.

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Packaging & Production Tools

Packaging and production tools that can be exposed or hidden on a  user basis, inspection tools include a barcode reader, densitometer, and color channel display.

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Project Plan and Flipbook

A visual flat plan displays any project that contains proofs with page previews, status filters, and sections. A Flipbook allows you to view your publication as a page-turner.

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Proof Instructions Across Multiple Proofs

Apply Proof Instructions across single or multiple proofs directly from the Flatplan View without opening each proof

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Attach files to Notes

Want to supply new copy or a new picture?. Attach files to notes during the review process and keep all your files centralized & accessible. 


Zapier Integration

Connect your technology stack using the Aproove Zap. The possibilities are endless, with over 1300 Zaps to connect.

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Cloud Storage Integration

Connect to the most popular cloud storage solutions including, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and Microsoft Drive

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Website Support

Drag and drop or enter your URL into a project to transform it into a preview that allows you to review, markup, and collaborate on your website content.


Video Proofing

Upload videos and allow detailed video markup that can get applied across timelines with real-time collaboration.

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Efficient Markup Display

Art-workers can automatically re-order the notes and comments giving the most efficient order in which to apply corrections based on X-Y coordinates.