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Aproove Classic perfect for small to medium enterprises who want to be up and running in no time!




AprooveWM Enterprise gives a vast amount of unrivaled flexibility in terms of deployment options and functionality.



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Small/Medium Business

$ 750

/ per month
    • Fully Hosted and Managed Microsoft Azure Infrastructure
    • Multi-Language Support
    • Task Management Functions
    • Unlimited Free Guest Users
    • Unlimited Proofs
  • Online Proofing Functions
  • 1 Standard and 1 Dashboard User Included
  • 100 GB Storage
  • Half-Day On-boarding (annual subscription only)
  • 3 Custom project kick-off forms (built by Aproove)
  • Asset Browser DAM (Min 120GB storage required)

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Add Users

Price Per User Per Month

Super User
Standard User

Add Storage

Increments of 5gb

Add storage
$5 per 5GB

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What will you pay?

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Aproove Enterprise Edition gives unrivaled flexibility both in deployment options and functionality. Every Enterprise Edition runs on a private cloud environment fully managed by Aproove in Microsoft Azure.

Many SaaS companies use a shared cloud, multi-tenant hosted server, which can be problematic for those seeking a higher level of security, or a true corporate Single Sign-On mechanism. Not having dedicated and alternative infrastructure options may require you to compromise your security policies.

Another multi-tenant issue is scalability, you cannot dictate the size or configuration of the server, and other tenants could affect the server performance. For enterprise customers, this can be an issue, especially when they have hundreds or even thousands of users.

A huge benefit of running on a dedicated instance is full access to the administration, meaning that every feature and function inside Aproove Work Management can be configured and set up exactly the way you want.

Features that are impossible to deploy on a multi-tenant environment also get unlocked, allowing you complete freedom to deploy Aproove Work Management to your exacting needs in your own private cloud. 

Starting From
(Per Annum)

 Aproove Enterprise Edition
 includes the following;

icon-WM-2 Aproove WM Enterprise Edition Software
Full access to all Enterprise Features & full configuration control via the Administration Interface 
icon-azure *Fully Managed and Private Cloud inside Microsoft Azure 
server-icon 1 Web Server (AWM Application & Database)
dashboard-icon 1 Login Portal (Can be used for SAML SSO or local user registration)
process-agent 1 Processing Agent (Processes, checks, and accurately renders files)
Full telephone and email support

*The standard infrastructure configuration can be upsized based on individual customer needs. 

Another considerable benefit of Aproove Enterprise is our flexibility for different deployment requirements including;

  1. Possibility to deploy Aproove WM into your corporate cloud infrastructure. (eg. Amazon Web Services or dedicated on-premise hardware).

  2. Deploy a hybrid model with the Aproove WM Web Server and Login Portal in the private cloud, and the Aproove RIP Agent deployed on your local network.
    (This option is interesting for high volume production facilities who want to avoid uploading files into the cloud or may wish to use hot-folder capabilities.)

Additional Enterprise Options

Pricing upon request



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