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Why Insurance Providers
need Aproove Work Management

Project & Insurance Work Management Software benefits of using Aproove WM 


Project Cycle

Time saving
On average Aproove WM customers reduce project turnaround times by 56%

Review cycles

Revision cycle reduction
On average Aproove WM customers reduce review cycle times by 63%

Email Traffic

email reduction
On average Aproove WM customers reduce email traffic by 76%

Year 1 ROI

Proofing cost reduction
92% of Aproove WM customers report 100% Return on Investment in year 1

Some Approving Insurance providers!


Compliance, Variations & Complexity!

Approval & project management tools that reduce production time and risk

Insurance companies have vast amounts of marketing collateral and forms which continually need creating and updating.

High volume print runs, state variances and strict legal compliance leads to a lot of plate spinning with many projects running in parallel. Published mistakes come at a high price with both legal and financial ramifications.

Aproove Insurance Work Management Software has features for the groups that do not exist in other work management solutions.

For example:

  • New versions of a multi-page proofs get analyzed & only the pages that changed between revisions get flagged. Huge benefit for insurance companies, meaning the reviewers only have to check changed content between revisions.
  • Closed-loop groups within proofing stages. Gatekeepers to control the annotation flow (see AFM).

These unique features, coupled with Aproove's enterprise-level security and scalable infrastructure, have allowed Aproove Work Management to get deployed inside global entities with thousands of users creating millions of tasks and proofs.

Aproove WM is a project & work management software that ensures no corners get cut when it comes to compliance. Rules get set around how the proof and tasks progress and conflict managers can even be appointed across your projects to ensure any conflicting feedback or missed deadlines are dealt with immediately. 

Aproove Insurance Work Management Software gives an immediate return on investment saving vast amounts of time while reducing risk with a full audit trail. 


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Six features of Insurance work management software

Reference Documents

Reference Documents

Hold reference or master files for comparison against any proof even if they are not part of the review or versioning process
More on Reference Documents →
Smart Review


Multi-page documents get treated as a single proof. New versions get checked to ensure reviewers only review pages that changed between revisions
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Insurance Work Management Software | User Dashboards - Aproove

User Dashboards

Never miss a deadline with a Business and Project specific dashboards along with individual and team "To-Do" lists to keep everyone on track!
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Enterprise Level Infrastructure & Security - Aproove

Enterprise Level Infrastructure & Security

Encrypted, secure environment with a dedicated instance for Enterprise customers
More on Infrastructure →
Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution managers can be assigned at different stages and in different groups, empowered to resolve conflicts to prevent endless loops & delays getting tasks completed
More on Conflict Management →
Annotation Flow Management (AFM) - Aproove

Annotation Flow Management (AFM)

A powerful feature that allows private meeting rooms within the review cycle (Review within Review). Great for legal or merchandise teams