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Review Groups & Stages

Project Creation Wizard

Powerful, but easy to use project creation wizard for launching new projects inside Aproove Work Management

Instant Share

Unique to Aproove WM instant invites can be sent without needing to add the user into the project setup configuration

Guest Users

Create unlimited guest users without impacting your user license

Cropped Content Review

Crop specific content inside a pages or video for review 

Project Creation Wizard

Aproove Work Management has a powerful Project Creation Wizard that allows users to set up and create new projects quickly and easily. 

Project creation in Aproove Work Management can be achieved in five different ways:

  1. Using the Project Creation Wizard
  2. Automated project creation setup in the Workflow Builder Tool (fixed workflows)*
  3. Using the API to automatically create a project**
  4. Using hotfolders to kick off a workflow*
  5. Using a form to initiate a workflow

*Needs Enterprise Edition  **Needs API Addition

It is possible to use just one, two, or all five of these methods depending on your requirements. The project creation wizard can be hidden from view if that is a preference.

Project Creation Wizard
When a user clicks on the "Create Project" button, the project creation wizard is launched, and the user is asked the following:

The Basics
number-1 Your desired project name
number-2 A project type (are you reviewing catalog pages or videos etc.)
number-3 A project start and deadline date

Add Files
Now the user can add files from any of the listed sources:

browse-actifMy Computer (Navigate your local computer's filesystem)

www-actifWeb Pages (Enter a URL or any website you want to add in your project)




drive-actifGoogle Drive*

user-actifGuest Upload (This option allows you to request another user to upload proof/s)

* If you are not already connected, the connection wizard will be launched so that you can connect to your cloud account/s to Aproove WM.

Users can upload files from multiple different sources and even task another user or guest to upload proof/s for them. 

Add Reviewers
Now the user can add users to the proof. Clicking on "Add Users" accesses the user's contacts. The contact list contains all your teammates plus any other external users that you added previously. The smart address book automatically adds users if they do not already exist in your contact list. By default, the reviewers get added to Step 1, but you can create as many steps as you require. 

Proof permissions and tasks
As the users get added, you assign them tasks and set up what notifications you want them to receive, and in what frequency.

You have the option to assign any number of users the "route to the next step" (if the workflow has two or more steps). For example, you may set one of your three reviewers to be the "route to the next step." When that user completes the task, the project moves to the next step, even if the other two reviewers have not completed the task.

Each step has options which can get applied on a per-step basis, such as:

  • Using a step deadline with automatic progression options if the deadline expires
  • Forcing 2FA authentication in a step
  • Sending out automated reminders

Once the first step is complete, you can rename it to something appropriate and even color code the step/stage. Now you can create additional steps/stages depending on your workflow requirements by repeating the above. 

*Please note that Aproove Work Management allows a single user to appear in multiple steps of the workflow, which is a restriction in many other solutions. 

Launch Project
Now all you need to do is launch your project. First, we will check all your settings and visually warn you if any mistakes get found and highlight them with a warning triangle. (e.g., you forget to add a role to a user)

Save your configuration
Once you have set up a project, you can save the configuration settings, and next time select your named project template, which contains the pre-defined parameters you previously setup. It is typical to have several templates for different projects, which can be easily selected and tweaked each time you create a new project.

Instant Share

Typically when you create a workflow, and you need to add additional users into it after the project has already started, you would need to add them through project configuration settings manually.
Aproove WM re-thought this approach and invented the Instant Share.

This permission-based option allows users to hit the instant share button and enter the team name or email address of the recipient. The Instant Share/Invite button can be found in various convenient locations within the interface.

When you launch the instant share, you have a range of options available such as;

  • Send a custom message
  • Apply the role you want to assign to the user
  • Set a deadline
  • Set the entry point of the invite link eg. proof viewer, flatplan, etc.
  • Specify if you want the link to expire once opened, or never to expire
  • Select what proofs from the project you want to expose 
  • Crop a proof and only send the cropped content to the reviewer (See cropped content review)
  • Decide if you want the user to see other users proof notes and comments
  • Decide if you're going to allow the user to see all the proof versions 
  • Apply two-factor authentication against the invite for additional security

Of course, you can also save any settings as a template for easy selection next time. 

Once the user gets invited via the instant share, it will be logged in the project dashboard with all the other pre-defined steps.

This time-saving feature allows for quick and easy invites without the need to navigate back to the project configuration setup. Let Aproove WM automatically adjust the back end settings once you have sent your instant invite. 

Guest Users

Registered users inside Aproove Work Management can benefit from inviting Guest Users. Guest users can use the application free of charge, and they won't take one of your registered user licenses. 

Guest Users can only enter the application via an invitation or @mention.

Guest User limitations are: 

  • Guests can only access the projects they are invited to or @mentioned on
  • Guests do not have a login and cannot access any dashboards
  • Guests cannot initiate a new project
  • Guests cannot manage a project

Guest users will only be able to carry out the task/s assigned to them by a registered user. For example, a guest user could get tasked to upload a file or annotate a proof.

The email link the guest user is sent via email contains access to the specific task requested with enough permissions automatically granted to carry out the task. 

Having the ability to invite guest users is extremely powerful; it allows registered users to invite 3rd party stakeholders into a project even if they do not have a user account. This flexibility is beneficial when you need collaboration from an infrequent user, but do not want to add them permanently. 

Guest users are unlimited and free of charge. Only registered users who have a login to Aproove are classed as a paid user.

Cropped Content Review

Only Aproove Work Management allows you to crop part of individual proofs (or video). This ensures the reviewer will only see the specific content you want them to review within the proof.

The cropped content review feature empowers you to share cropped content which can be extremely useful for many different reasons such as;

  • The product visuals need to remain a secret until product launch, so you only want to share the copy in a page or video with the product blanked out.

  • Your reviewers are merchandisers who only need to see products related to the brand they represent, but the proof contains multiple brands.

  • You want the reviewer to check particular content and not see anything else, e.g., a legal team member only needs to view the terms and conditions at the bottom of a page or credits at the end of a video.

To share cropped content, you need to:

number-1Hit share on your project 
number-2Select the page or video in your project that you wish to share
number-3Click on "Set crop" button
number-4Highlight the area you want to share
number-5Add the recipient and fill out any other required details such as deadline,
       custom message, and expiry date.