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Aproove's R5 Maintenance Release containing some Bonus Features!

By Gary Fisher on September 28, 2022 3:45:54 PM CEST

The R5/2022 release is officially a "Maintenance Release" for Aproove, with some significant enhancements behind the scenes to improve efficiency and build the foundations for our major new R6 release coming soon!

However, we cannot make a release without giving you some new features!

Release 2022/R5 is live!
The R5 release was always intended to be a maintenance release that allowed us to make some back-end improvements to improve speed and stability while also improving the new interface we launched in R4. The R5 release also enables us to lay some foundations for our HUGE new release coming in R6 that contains some substantial new modules and features. 

However, this is Aproove; we cannot make a release without giving our users some shiny new features including, Project Level Forms! 

See below for further information on the R5/2022 release!

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New Look, Same Great Technology! Aproove's latest release brings a New Interface, Storage Connector, Photoshop Extension, and Much More!

By Gary Fisher on July 22, 2022 4:03:22 PM CEST

Aproove's latest release includes a soft launch of our new, improved User Interface, Project Level Messaging, Adobe Photoshop Extension, and the first of many new Storage Connections starting with Google Cloud Storage! 

Release 2022/R4 is yet another "blockbuster" release! 
The R4 release incorporates a "soft launch" of a slick new user interface. The new interface is much faster, visually attractive, and, more importantly, allows us to lay the foundations to incorporate some amazing new functionality coming in R5 around September this year! We did not want to force the new interface onto your users; therefore, we have made it an optional switch allowing you to test the new interface before full adoption.

Alongside the new interface, we are also introducing our first "File Storage" connection, starting with Google Drive for Business as a proof of concept. Many of our existing customers increasingly have cloud storage that does not provide them with the typical security governance such as automatic "file locking" and user permissions you would find on a traditional file server.

But that's not all! See below for even more information and new features!

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Instant Messaging & Sub Task Delegation in our HUGE new release!

By Gary Fisher on May 6, 2022 11:43:25 AM CEST

Aproove's latest release includes significant features that greatly expand your collaboration and task management capabilities!

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Release 2022/R3 is significant! This release elevates Aproove to another level by incorporating a comprehensive "instant messaging" feature that can be used at task and sub-task levels.

Previously in Aproove, a task got sent along with some desired instructions; however, if the task receiver had questions or the task sender wanted to add more context, that would typically get done outside of Aproove.

"Instant messaging" gives you the capability to invoke a discussion and collaborate at a project and task level directly inside Aproove. All your collaboration gets stored centrally inside the project and tasks. You can also use the instant message area as a file drop zone, which adds any uploaded files into the project container.

You can @mention anyone (even guests who are not Aproove users), and with instant in-app or email chat notifications, you will be continuously in the loop!

The new "Sub-Task Delegation" feature dramatically enhances your workflow and task capabilities within the Aproove platform. Aproove already caters to both clients at both ends of the workflow spectrum, including those who have complex workflows and those who prefer a more flexible workflow capability. Sub-Task Delegation adds a whole new dimension!

Having listened to our customers, it became clear that you may only have a single "point person in some scenarios." For example, you may be a brand, and you need to involve a 3rd party agency in your workflow, or you may be an agency, and you need to invoke the end client into your workflow. You know that your contact outside of your organization has to go through specific steps, people, and/or departments to complete the task you are giving them. However, you have limited knowledge of that information and rely on your contact to do whatever is necessary to complete the required task so your workflow can continue to flow.

Sub Task Delegation is perfect in this scenario! now, your contact can receive the task/s you have sent and sub-delegate parts or all of that task to the necessary stakeholders to get the job done!

One task can become multiple sub-tasks assigned to many people; however, all you care about is the completion of the task you assigned. What's more, you can use sub-task delegation inside a fixed or manual workflow; the choice is yours!

But that is not all. We have also added significant new functionality to our Adobe InDesign plugin. Now you can see and view your individual and team "To-Do" lists directly inside the application, apply timesheets, and much more. 

See below for more details on our exiting 2022/R3 release. Out Now! 
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Aproove Version 2022/R2 Is Released!

By Gary Fisher on February 21, 2022 3:45:45 PM CET

Aproove has changed its development strategy, providing shorter development sprint cycles, thus providing more frequent releases.

Sometimes Aproove will have significant new feature release announcements. Sometimes, a sprint could be a "maintenance" release that improves the core technology or provides the backend functions required for new features in coming releases.

The 2022/R2 release falls into the maintenance release category, although it does contain some noteworthy new features.

As 2022/R2 is classed as a maintenance release, we will not host a webinar for this release and will incorporate the new 2022/R2 features into our R3 release webinar in March 2022.

Below is a summary of the new features in version 2022/R2
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New Year, New Release! Aproove Version 2022/R1 is here!

By Gary Fisher on January 11, 2022 11:42:40 AM CET

We wanted to get 2022 off with a bang by announcing an exciting new Aproove Work Management release featuring the
Adobe InDesign Extension!

The first release of 2022 brings significant benefits to any business dealing with Adobe InDesign files either in-house or via a 3rd party supplier. The new Adobe InDesign plugin allows production users to interact with Aproove business workflows without leaving their native Adobe InDesign application!

The 2022/R1 release also brings many new features and enhancements, including a significant version 3 of the Aproove API containing over 50 new functions. But that's not all! We have also launched a fantastic new advanced search, additional review interface capabilities, form enhancements, and more! Please see below for more details.

Register below to join our Webinar on Wednesday 26th January 2022 to Learn More about the Adobe InDesign plugin and other release information!

Register for Webinar

Below is a summary of the new features in version 2022/R1
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Major Release of Aproove Work Management featuring Video Proofing!

By Jeff Ross on October 26, 2021 6:19:03 PM CEST

Aproove is pleased to announce a significant new version of Aproove Work Management!

Version 2021/R5 is primarily focused on a new video interface with enhanced features.

We are also delighted to share the inclusion of security enhancements, existing feature enhancements, and system performance optimizations.

As a reminder, version names now start with the year, then the release number for that year. As the fifth release of 2021, this is version 2021/R5.

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Major Aproove Work Management release announcement, including core system updates to improve speed and performance!

By Xavier Dorvillers on July 23, 2021 9:18:44 AM CEST

Today Aproove is pleased to announce a significant new version of Aproove Work Management!

This version incorporates core technology updates that improve both the speed and performance of Aproove and lays the groundwork for Aproove to incorporate significant new features during the rest of 2021 and beyond.

Of course, we could not make a release without some new visible features, so we are pleased to announce some significant enhancements to the tag functionality, including the ability to automate "hidden tags" that can enhance searching and filtering.

After consultation with our customer base, Aproove has changed the way that we number our releases. As a SaaS company, Aproove can release anywhere between 8-12 times per year.

For ease, all future versions will start with the year, e.g., 2021, then the release number for that year (a year being January-January).

The release we are posting today is the fourth release this year, and therefore it will be named the 2021/R4 version.

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Aproove Version Release Notes

By Xavier Dorvillers on May 10, 2021 6:02:41 PM CEST

Today Aproove is pleased to announce version Below you will find the release note summary.

Typically Aproove sends out an email notification that incorporates two or three highlighted features within the email along with a list of all new functions and enhancements.

Today we will place the release notes in the blog area in a change from our usual email announcements and then focus on relevant new features in the coming weeks (before the next release). We will also offer a webinar with each new release when significant new functionality gets released.

This is to give our users more drip-fed information about each release, and it will also allow us to "zoom in" on the new functions between the releases. We want to explain the feature and also provide some business "use-case" examples.

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Announcing PDF Layer Support in the Review Interface!

By Gary Fisher on February 12, 2021 9:16:20 AM CET

Adding PDF layer support is a significant enhancement of the Aproove Work Management Review Interface, giving our customers a competitive edge not seen in other technologies!

Optionally allowing your reviewers to see any layers inside a PDF document is a great starting point, but we never stopped there! We also added many surrounding features that enable you to restrict layers to different users and groups and store the viewing conditions (what layers were turned on or off) to know the reviewer's exact viewing conditions when they made the annotation note.

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The Asset Browser - Digital Asset Management (DAM) Interface

By Gary Fisher on November 23, 2020 3:22:13 PM CET

Aproove Work Management today expands its use case to incorporate Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities as part of the core product.

The Aproove Drive has been in existence for several years, giving users the ability to store, share, and distribute files within the interface. Those files could be proofs or supporting files such as creative briefs or master files. The Aproove Drive concept was at a "project level," meaning you stored and accessed the files at the project level. This feature was handy for Work in Progress files but a little limited if you wanted a full view of all your assets stored on Aproove.

Aproove Work Management with in-built DAM capabilities opens endless possibilities to manage "work in progress" projects while also having a holistic view of your data repository housed within the same system. Combine this with full online proofing and task management, and you have a fully incorporated Work Management platform to drive your business.

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