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Aproove 2023/R1 is now released!

The 2023/R1 release significantly updates the timesheet, now expanded to incorporate both Time and Materials! Plus, a new "task on hold" feature and much more!

The R1 release also contains many other enhancements, such as the ability to bulk import contacts from an Excel spreadsheet. 2023/R1 also includes the final beta preview of our new product and soon-to-launch Project Management tools! See below for more!

Click HERE to access R1/2023 Quick Start Guide.

New Time and Materials Features! 

The Aproove Work Management, Time, and Materials function allows users to log time against tasks and/or enter billable materials. Time and Materials can be configured to appear automatically after a user has completed a task or entered manually. 

Some feature highlights include;

  • Setup your bespoke time and material billing codes
  • Specify your time increments
  • Specify your material descriptions and quantities
  • Have different billing codes available per project 
  • Export your T&M data for billing or reporting purposes

Click here to find out more about Time and Materials inside Aproove Work Management!

The screenshot shows the Time and Materials pop-up window!

New Timesheet

New "Hold Task" Feature! 

When dealing with an automated workflow, it needs to have enough granularity to allow for "out of the ordinary" events that sometimes occur!

We needed to cater to a scenario where the project manager could put tasks on hold after they had already been sent out as part of the automated workflow, or they simply needed to pause a project for any number of reasons. 

Aproove has introduced the "on-hold" button for this very scenario. The project manager can select one, many, or all the current tasks in a workflow step and put them "on hold." This granular control also allows the project manager to set a "task release" date to happen automatically, or they can be released manually.

Of course, Aproove will notify you if the task date exceeds the project deadline, so you can take care of that, too! This small feature has a huge impact! 

The short video below shows the "Task on Hold" feature in action!


Bulk import of contacts from Excel

Inputting many contacts one at a time into a form field can be very time-consuming. This Bulk Import feature lets you ingest an Excel spreadsheet into an Aproove form to populate stakeholders automatically.


Additional Proof Tag Filter Options

Proof Tag Filters

In the Project Plan View, the Proof tag filter now includes options to filter on proofs that contain "no proof tag", or "any proof tag". More than one filter can be applied at once.

Note: there must be at least one proof with a proof tag for this filter to appear.


End-of-Life announcement for the "Legacy Aproove Dashboard"

R1 will no longer feature Aproove's legacy dashboard.
The vast majority of our customer base already uses our much faster and sleeker dashboard that appeared in the product over a year ago. 

In R1, you will no longer have the option to revert to the old dashboard. Stripping the old dashboard code out of the product will make the platform even more secure, as the legacy dashboard was built on an old technology. 

All of the old dashboard features exist in the new dashboard (plus much more), and the new dashboard is also substantially faster. If any customer has any concerns, please get in touch; we will be happy to assist. 

Planning and Project Management!


Aproove will launch the new Planning and Project Management tools shortly by separate announcement.

The 2023/R1 release contains a beta preview for customers who want to test the pre-release features.

This major product module will allow our customers to add project management in the first instance, followed by resource capacity management and project budgeting capabilities in the coming months. 

Unique to Aproove, any planned projects can be mapped to your existing Business Process Workflow, giving you real-time project updates right inside your PM tools! 

More information will be announced soon. To beta test the new PM tools, please get in touch so we can enable the option on your license.


Aproove R1 contained over 100 new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. The summary above highlights some interesting points, but not everything is listed. Please get in touch with us if you would like access to the full technical release notes or to discuss any topics related to the R1 release. If you are a system administrator please also get in touch for the administration quick start g





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