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Aproove 2023/R5 Release is Live!

The 2023/R5 maintenance release contains some code refactoring and back-end functions that lay the foundations for new features in our upcoming releases alongside a powerful new action for connection with 3rd party systems!  

Below is some further information about the 2023/R5 release!

"Call and wait for callback" Action

Highly configurable action allowing powerful integration with 3rd party systems!

This action provides the ability for the Aproove workflow to make HTTP calls to any third-party system (API calls) and wait for specific callbacks. The callbacks are defined in this new action, and each individual callback can redirect to a specific next step in the workflow.


This may seem minor on the surface. However, this is very powerful for any company that wants to do sophisticated integrations. The "call and wait for a callback" action can enable;

  • The initial call from "The call and wait for callback" action inside Aproove invokes a third party service (API call, Webhook, etc.)

  • The called third party system is able to drive the part of the Aproove workflow it has been called from. For example, somebody in the third party system presses a button and it causes the Aproove workflow to be routed in a specific direction depending on the callback used. 

  • The function allowing the callback to "wait" is very powerful. This means that you can call the 3rd party system and wait for a response. This is very useful if you are waiting for that 3rd party system to carry out a function (such as processing a file) that may take an unknown amount of time. The call will remain open until the 3rd party system has performed its function before responding to Aproove. 
This action is similar in its philosophy to the Flow Batch Split and Flow Batch Goto actions that were recently added to Aproove.

CONCOORD-COLORIn the coming weeks, Aproove will announce an exciting new iPaaS platform (Integration Platform as a Service) called AprooveWM Concoord. 

Concoord will be a new (optional) product that allows you to connect any third-party application (with API capabilities) to Aproove. Concoord uses low-code custom connectors and no-code reusable nodes and workflows using a powerful drag-and-drop interface. Store your SaaS integrations in Aproove Concoord's fully hosted platform!


Speed enhancements!

Aproove has added a lot of speed optimizations (especially in the dashboard) by optimizing progressive loading on heavily populated dashboards such as the "task lists" and the "project details" dashboards. A few new optimization flags have also been added to help sustain even bigger loads on the Aproove Enterprise systems. This is especially noticeable for any customer running a clustered environment with very heavy loads and 1000's of users.

And that is not all! 

Below are some other improvements in the R5 release;

  • Improved the throttling management for multi file uploads
  • Added additional checks to prevent illegal characters in file uploads, project names and API calls
  • Metadata can be used as matching regex in an upload task
  • Improved visual prompts when user has the ability to use the "instant share" function
  • Static proofs are now considered "read only" by default 
  • Changed the color and opacity of the watermark on developer licenses
  • Various interface improvements
  • New portal setting (ticked on by default) to use the NameId as the SSO login attribute (if unticked SSO will use the attributed configured in the portal interface)

    Screenshot below shows new attribute setting available in the portal interface for SSO users


Please get in touch with us if you would like access to the full technical release notes or to discuss any topics related to the 2023/R5 release. 

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