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Aproove 2023/R4 Maintenance Release is now Live!

The 2023/R4 release provides improved back-end performance and a new feature to collect and collate all project data as an archive zip for compliance purposes!

2023/R4 was a planned maintenance release that improves back-end functions inside Aproove, giving some speed and performance enhancements. However, we can never make a release without giving some new functionality! 

Below is some further information about the 2023/R4 release!

Project Collection 

Download a .zip file containing all your vital project compliance information! 

Aproove could already export the annotated PDF, project history, proofs, and project files. However, as we introduced new capabilities into the product, such as project chat, providing a download link to collate all relevant project files and history into one zip file, allowing you to store the Zip file on Aproove or a third-party system.

This is a critical compliance requirement for many of our customers. The download can be executed at any time in the project's lifecycle and even after it has been set to Archived status. 

Combine this new feature with Aproove's already existing triggers and actions, and you can fully automate the zip export. The export could even automatically get sent to a 3rd party storage or DAM system.  


The video above illustrates;

  • A user manually navigating to a project. 

  • Once the project is open, the user selects the "Export" menu.

  • The "Export" menu now contains the "Project Collection (zip) option. 

  • Upon selection, the zip will collate and download (Please note, depending on project size, this could take a bit of time)

Project ZipWhen you unzip the file you will find ;

  • Chat Room Message History (CSV Format)
  • Project Files and Proof Versions
  • Final Annotated PDF containing all the markup and note history
  • Job History (CSV Format) detailing  the entire project history 

Chat Room Message History

  • The Chat Room Message History has also been added to the "Export" menu as a stand-alone item for those who just specifically want the chat room history without the other files. 

And that's not all!

  • R4 continues to add more features to our Project Planning and Resource Management modules which, will be announced early next year. 

  • Multiple back-end performance updates to enhance the dashboard speeds and responsiveness. 

  • Allow the "Add Tag" Action to accept project level and task level metadata

  • Add support for Project Metadata in the API 

  • Add "Flow Batch Split" on the Section Rules Action

Please get in touch with us if you would like access to the full technical release notes or to discuss any topics related to the 2023/R4 release. 

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