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Aproove's R5 Maintenance Release containing some Bonus Features!

By Gary Fisher on September 28, 2022 3:45:54 PM CEST

The R5/2022 release is officially a "Maintenance Release" for Aproove, with some significant enhancements behind the scenes to improve efficiency and build the foundations for our major new R6 release coming soon!

However, we cannot make a release without giving you some new features!

Release 2022/R5 is live!
The R5 release was always intended to be a maintenance release that allowed us to make some back-end improvements to improve speed and stability while also improving the new interface we launched in R4. The R5 release also enables us to lay some foundations for our HUGE new release coming in R6 that contains some substantial new modules and features. 

However, this is Aproove; we cannot make a release without giving our users some shiny new features including, Project Level Forms! 

See below for further information on the R5/2022 release!

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The Ultimate Guide to Project Management for Marketing in 2022

By Gary Fisher on August 26, 2022 11:58:26 AM CEST

Are your internal marketing department currently struggling with managing multiple projects? Or are you a marketing agency handling many clients and projects simultaneously?

The success of any marketing team (and marketing agency) is measured by how efficiently and effectively it utilizes its available resources, including personnel while handling projects. It's not easy!

Handling multiple projects for multiple clients and ensuring all of them stay within deadline and budget can be easier said than done. This is why properly implementing project management is essential in marketing and will increasingly become more important as the marketing team or agency grows.

In this ultimate guide to marketing project management in 2022, we will explain what marketing project management is and how you can use it to improve your marketing team's success.

By the end of this guide, you'd have learned about:

  • What is project management for marketing?

  • Common challenges in marketing projects

  • The anatomy of marketing project management

  • The role of a project manager in marketing

  • How to leverage project management solutions to assist your marketing team

Let's begin with the basics.

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New Look, Same Great Technology! Aproove's latest release brings a New Interface, Storage Connector, Photoshop Extension, and Much More!

By Gary Fisher on July 22, 2022 4:03:22 PM CEST

Aproove's latest release includes a soft launch of our new, improved User Interface, Project Level Messaging, Adobe Photoshop Extension, and the first of many new Storage Connections starting with Google Cloud Storage! 

Release 2022/R4 is yet another "blockbuster" release! 
The R4 release incorporates a "soft launch" of a slick new user interface. The new interface is much faster, visually attractive, and, more importantly, allows us to lay the foundations to incorporate some amazing new functionality coming in R5 around September this year! We did not want to force the new interface onto your users; therefore, we have made it an optional switch allowing you to test the new interface before full adoption.

Alongside the new interface, we are also introducing our first "File Storage" connection, starting with Google Drive for Business as a proof of concept. Many of our existing customers increasingly have cloud storage that does not provide them with the typical security governance such as automatic "file locking" and user permissions you would find on a traditional file server.

But that's not all! See below for even more information and new features!

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Instant Messaging & Sub Task Delegation in our HUGE new release!

By Gary Fisher on May 6, 2022 11:43:25 AM CEST

Aproove's latest release includes significant features that greatly expand your collaboration and task management capabilities!

Download Quick Start Guide

Release 2022/R3 is significant! This release elevates Aproove to another level by incorporating a comprehensive "instant messaging" feature that can be used at task and sub-task levels.

Previously in Aproove, a task got sent along with some desired instructions; however, if the task receiver had questions or the task sender wanted to add more context, that would typically get done outside of Aproove.

"Instant messaging" gives you the capability to invoke a discussion and collaborate at a project and task level directly inside Aproove. All your collaboration gets stored centrally inside the project and tasks. You can also use the instant message area as a file drop zone, which adds any uploaded files into the project container.

You can @mention anyone (even guests who are not Aproove users), and with instant in-app or email chat notifications, you will be continuously in the loop!

The new "Sub-Task Delegation" feature dramatically enhances your workflow and task capabilities within the Aproove platform. Aproove already caters to both clients at both ends of the workflow spectrum, including those who have complex workflows and those who prefer a more flexible workflow capability. Sub-Task Delegation adds a whole new dimension!

Having listened to our customers, it became clear that you may only have a single "point person in some scenarios." For example, you may be a brand, and you need to involve a 3rd party agency in your workflow, or you may be an agency, and you need to invoke the end client into your workflow. You know that your contact outside of your organization has to go through specific steps, people, and/or departments to complete the task you are giving them. However, you have limited knowledge of that information and rely on your contact to do whatever is necessary to complete the required task so your workflow can continue to flow.

Sub Task Delegation is perfect in this scenario! now, your contact can receive the task/s you have sent and sub-delegate parts or all of that task to the necessary stakeholders to get the job done!

One task can become multiple sub-tasks assigned to many people; however, all you care about is the completion of the task you assigned. What's more, you can use sub-task delegation inside a fixed or manual workflow; the choice is yours!

But that is not all. We have also added significant new functionality to our Adobe InDesign plugin. Now you can see and view your individual and team "To-Do" lists directly inside the application, apply timesheets, and much more. 

See below for more details on our exiting 2022/R3 release. Out Now! 
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Aproove Version 2022/R2 Is Released!

By Gary Fisher on February 21, 2022 3:45:45 PM CET

Aproove has changed its development strategy, providing shorter development sprint cycles, thus providing more frequent releases.

Sometimes Aproove will have significant new feature release announcements. Sometimes, a sprint could be a "maintenance" release that improves the core technology or provides the backend functions required for new features in coming releases.

The 2022/R2 release falls into the maintenance release category, although it does contain some noteworthy new features.

As 2022/R2 is classed as a maintenance release, we will not host a webinar for this release and will incorporate the new 2022/R2 features into our R3 release webinar in March 2022.

Below is a summary of the new features in version 2022/R2
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How To Create a Business Process Map

By Gary Fisher on January 17, 2022 2:45:03 PM CET

Creating a business process map (a process we know as Business Process Mapping) can be an effective way to improve your organization’s overall efficiency.

All businesses deal with at least one business process or sometimes (inaccurately) called workflow. The more efficient an organization executes its business process, the more efficient its overall performance.

In practice, however, most businesses deal with multiple business processes intricately linked with one another. Ensuring they get executed as efficiently as possible can be challenging.

Not to mention, most teams consist of multiple people with different personalities and thoughts. So, getting the whole team to execute a business process in a consistent, most efficient way can be tricky.

This is where a business process map can help ensure the efficiency and consistency of your business processes.

In this guide, we will discuss all you need to know about business process mapping, including but not limited to:

  • What are business process maps and business process mapping?

  • The scope of business process mapping

  • Benefits of a business process map

  • The principles and framework to map out a business process

And more!

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New Year, New Release! Aproove Version 2022/R1 is here!

By Gary Fisher on January 11, 2022 11:42:40 AM CET

We wanted to get 2022 off with a bang by announcing an exciting new Aproove Work Management release featuring the
Adobe InDesign Extension!

The first release of 2022 brings significant benefits to any business dealing with Adobe InDesign files either in-house or via a 3rd party supplier. The new Adobe InDesign plugin allows production users to interact with Aproove business workflows without leaving their native Adobe InDesign application!

The 2022/R1 release also brings many new features and enhancements, including a significant version 3 of the Aproove API containing over 50 new functions. But that's not all! We have also launched a fantastic new advanced search, additional review interface capabilities, form enhancements, and more! Please see below for more details.

Register below to join our Webinar on Wednesday 26th January 2022 to Learn More about the Adobe InDesign plugin and other release information!

Register for Webinar

Below is a summary of the new features in version 2022/R1
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An Expert Guide to Document Management and Automation

By Gary Fisher on November 17, 2021 1:55:46 PM CET

Document management can be a major headache for any organization.

When your organization is relatively small, and you only handle a small number of documents per week, document management might not be an issue. However, as your organization grows and needs to store and manage hundreds if not thousands of documents per month, you’ll see how document management can be a constant uphill battle. 

Data is now considered the most valuable commodity. The amount of data (and documents) coming in and out of an organization has constantly increased over the years, so you’ll struggle to keep up with the pace without a proper document management plan in place. 

Thanks to technology, now we also have the option to implement automation to the document management workflow. However, there’s one crucial thing to uphold: 

Automation is only beneficial when the automated workflow is already efficient.

Or else, automation will only amplify its inefficiencies and bottlenecks. 

So, it’s crucial to have a proper document management strategy in the first place and to optimize the process and ensure it’s as efficient as possible. 

In this expert guide to document management and automation, we’ll discuss how to tackle this issue precisely. You’ll learn everything from start to finish about document management as a workflow, and by the end of this guide, we will inform you about:

  • The definition of the term ‘document.’ 

  • The concept of document management

  • Different aspects of document management workflow

  • How to optimize document management workflow to ensure its efficiency

  • How to implement automation to a document management workflow

And more!

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How Kroger Transformed Promotional Execution with Aproove!

By Gary Fisher on October 14, 2021 1:50:00 PM CEST


As one of the world's largest retailers, with annual sales of more than $121.1 billion (2019). With nearly 2,800 stores in 35 states, under 22 banner brands. Kroger’s Promotional Execution Team set out a transformation objective to change the performance across all Advertising and Display operations that orchestrate 600+ promotional content versions per week across Kroger’s 22 brands. With 2000+ employees in the end-to-end operating model, this presented a significant, enterprise-scale transformation program challenge.

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What is a Workflow? | Definition & Guide of Business Workflows

By Gary Fisher on September 27, 2021 2:29:46 PM CEST

When discussing business efficiency, the term “workflow” often gets mentioned. Yet, ask five different people for the definition, and chances are, you’ll get five different answers.

So, what is a workflow? How can you use workflow to improve your business’s efficiency and productivity? Is it worth your time?

In this guide, we will discuss all you need to know about business workflows, and by the end of this guide, you will learn about:

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