Online Proofing Software for Photographers

 Why Photographers need Online Proofing Software 


Contract Proof Saving

Time saving
100% Saving on paper, ink, hardware and delivery costs. The hidden cost of time savings are not bad either!

Environmental Impact

Revision cycle reduction
Not using paper, ink, and carbon emissions to produce and deliver proofs is a 100% green approach

Email Traffic Reduction

email reduction
Our Online Proofing software helps photographers reduce email traffic by 76%

Year 1 Return On Investment

Proofing cost reduction
92% of Aproove Online Proofing customers report 100% Return on Investment in year 1

Photoshoot selection and approval process is vital to Photographers!

Work Smarter with Aproove Online Proofing for Professional Photographers!

Set, Model, Location, Product, whatever the photoshoot, the selection and approval process is vital!

Every photoshoot is unique. Skilled photographers have to deal with many challenges such as studio setup, lighting, styling, and even environmental considerations before they even get to take the camera lens off!

Once the shoot starts, it can be challenging to share and distribute the resulting photography with clients to gain approval. Many Photographers share links to a shared drive or even supply an external disc. 

These methods are understandable but not ideal. The client cannot easily view, markup, or collaborate on photography, and many RAW camera formats are not easy to view.

Aproove Online Proofing for professional photographers can review over 180+ file formats without requiring any plugins or source software, including RAW camera formats.

With Aproove Online Proofing software for photographers, you can set up your desired approval workflows, which automatically tasks your chosen reviewers to review the content at the appropriate time in your review sequence.

Photo selects can be done by comparing images against each other. Deciding on an image can automatically move it to another location or even delete it if it gets rejected. You decide the rules.

Users can collaborate in real-time and even start discussion comment threads, which, in turn, could help direct a photoshoot even if the reviewer is not on location.

Aproove Online Proofing is a powerful tool for photography selects and the approval process. Aproove Online Proofing can even get used further upstream as the photography is retouched and assembled in applications such as Adobe InDesign.

Aproove can not only save you time and money; it can give you additional revenue streams along with a full audit trail. 

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Six Aproove Online Proofing features for Photographers

Online Proofing Software for Photographers - Aproove

Annotations and Markup Tools

Multi-function markup & text extraction tool working alongside measurement & rotation tools etc.

Version Comparison

Multiple ways to compare versions including side by side, overlay, pixel, and ghosting comparison.
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Review Groups & Steps

Easily create review steps, assign reviewers, set deadlines & Step rules. Save settings as templates for re-use.
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Comments & @mentions

Powerful threaded comments for collaboration with the @mention capability to add contributors into a conversation.
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User Dashboards - Aproove

User Dashboards

Never miss a deadline with a Business and Project specific dashboards along with individual and team "To-Do" lists to keep everyone on track!
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Note Tags

Note Tags allow you to manually or automatically classify review notes. Stamping notes with tags will enable you to make note decisions, filter, sort, and report on the reviewer's notes
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