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Business process Workflow Software

Business Process Workflow Builder

Highly configurable workflow building tool to accelerate and automate your workflows.

Business Process Workflow Builder 

The Business Process Builder Tool enables administrators to create highly configurable and bespoke workflows tailored to your exact needs.

The business process workflow builder is not for developers; The tool is aimed at end-user managers or administrators who have in-depth knowledge of the business' requirements. The business process workflow builder tool enables you to map workflows and then configure each stage of the workflow according to your needs.

Using the Business Workflow Building Tool

Using this unique Aproove Work Management tool is simple, allowing the user to draw a workflow diagram and set up the workflow route using the arrows to join the stages together. The circular box is the start point of the workflow, and the user can color and name the steps to identify each stage quickly.

Workflow steps can loop based on decisions, and you can add actions and API callbacks into the workflow, between any of the steps.
(Click here to learn more about Trigger and Actions.)

See below for a closer look at the options available when creating a workflow.
(Please note this is just an overview, not a definitive training document)