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Installing Aproove Adobe Extensions

How to download & Install the Adobe Extensions on your local computer

Use Case Examples & FAQ 

Using the Adobe InDesign Extension in production with FAQ's

Navigating the Aproove Extensions

How to navigate and use the Aproove Adobe Extensions

Linking Your InDesign Docs to PDFs with Naming Convention

Set your own rules to link your PDF proofs to the Adobe InDesign Extension

Installing the Adobe Extensions

Installing the Adobe Extensions on your desktop computer or laptop could not be easier! 


To access Aproove via the Adobe Extensions, you need a valid Aproove user account. An Aproove user can log in to the Adobe Extension or the Web Browser; however, you cannot log in to both simultaneously. 

When you download and install the Adobe Extensions you will be asked to agree with Aproove's Terms of Service. By using the Extensions you are agreeing to those Terms of Service. 

Please note; the Aproove Adobe InDesign Extension is compatible with Adobe InDesign CC 2021, and 2022. It could work with earlier versions of InDesign, however they have not been tested and are not supported by Aproove.

How to Download & Install the Adobe Extensions 


Notes prior to install

  • Soon, the Extension will be available for download on the Adobe store (we are awaiting Adobe to validate the Extension).

  • When installing directly on a Mac (not via the Adobe Store), you will receive a warning from Apple (Apple cannot check the package for Malicious Software). The message appears because the app is not on the Apple Store and is nothing to worry about.
  • The Adobe Installer is currently only available for Mac clients.

Steps to Install the Aproove Adobe Extensions

To directly download the installer (not via the Adobe Store), please follow the instructions below.  (As per the video above)

  1. Log in to Aproove via a browser.
  2. Navigate to the hamburger menu and select "Adobe Extensions".
  3. Select the Installer you require (only InDesign at the moment)
  4. Once downloaded to your desktop, double click on the Installer.
  5. If you receive a warning from Apple stating, "Apple cannot check the package for Malicious Software," go to your system preferences and click on "Security & Privacy."
  6. At the bottom of the "Security & Privacy" window, you will see a button called "Open Anyway" next to the name of the Aproove Installer. Click on this button.
  7. The Installer should now activate (if not, please double click on the installer again) and follow the installer wizard steps.
  8. The Aproove Adobe Extension is now installed.

    Download the Adobe InDesign Extension quick start guide here!

Use Case Examples & FAQ 

The Adobe Extensions allow your production teams, freelancers, or external agencies to access Aproove without leaving the native application!

However, the nature of the Adobe InDesign Extension is dynamic, and therefore we thought it would be helpful to document some common "use-cases" when working with the Extension.. 

Please click on a use case example for a video demonstration

Navigating the Adobe Extensions

The Adobe Extensions will allow your production teams, freelancers, or external agencies to access Aproove without ever leaving the native application!

The information below will show you how to get started with the Adobe Extension and detail the Extension functionality. 

The navigation and general use of the Aproove Adobe InDesign Extension is straightforward; however, the pallet will display differently based on the function you utilize. Below you will find a description of the navigation and buttons within the Extension.

The topics below relate to the Adobe InDesign Extension - please click a category for more information, or download the quick start guide here!

Linking your InDesign Documents to PDF's using a Naming Convention

Aproove put a considerable amount of thought into building the Adobe InDesign Extension. Every company works differently, so we created the naming convention feature that gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility!

Below is a screenshot of the Proof Matching preferences tab

Clean & Elegant

"Out the Box" the Adobe Extension will automatically try to find and match the correct PDF with your InDesign document. It does this by looking at your InDesign file name and then seeing if it can find a PDF that matches that name.

Default setting explained

(.*).indd This part of the regular expression states that the extension should take the name of the InDesign file but ignore the .indd extension 

#1.pdf This part of the regular expression states is telling the plugin to find a PDF that matches the InDesign name (minus the .indd extension) but with .pdf at the end fo the filename instead

For many the default settings in the proof matching tab are sufficient.

Reset Defaults Button

If you experiment with the regular expression and it does not give you the results you expect you can use the reset defaults button to reset the defaults explained above.

File Name Check

The file name check is helpful if you plan to change your regular expression and want to check what pdf filename Aproove would try to link your InDesign file with.
Enter an InDesign file name and click on "Check," Aproove will display the PDF filename it would search for based on your regular expression settings.

The example below uses the default regular expression.
(e.g., when we check for "test.indd," it shows that it would search for a PDF called "test.pdf").

Filename check

Example of a more complex regular expression

The video below illustrates a more complex regular expression. 

(.*)_(.*)_(.*)_(.*)_.indd This regular expression states that the Design file name will be four components separated with an underscore between each one.

For example; jobnumber_jobname_section_date, which could translate into 1234_Test_S4_010122

#1.pdf This tells Aproove to only look for the first component of the name (the job number in our example above), ignore the other three components (job name, section & date), and look for a .pdf extension at the end of the filename. 

Please note: Setting up regular expressions is done by each customer to suit individual needs. Aproove support does not set up or support the regular expressions.