Metadata | Workflow Management System - Aproove



Inject metadata into your workflows to drive automation


Aproove Work Management has comprehensive support for metadata inside the application. Metadata can be used for a variety of reasons and even drive your workflow.

Aproove Work Management works with metadata at the project level.

Not only can Aproove WM extract metadata via input forms, API calls, or hot folder ingestion, we can also manually populate metadata, which can be used to fill in project variables that can drive the workflows inside Aproove.

Metadata can populate variable field/s inside a workflow allowing administrators to build very generic workflows that cater to multiple use cases. At any point in a workflow, metadata can be used to populate the workflow step/s information such as the project deadline, stakeholders, and conflict managers, basically anything!

The power of metadata is significant, below are some examples where metadata could get implemented to streamline business processes and enhance workflows. Each case below has a dedicated Technote which is available to Aproove Enterprise customers.

  • Driving deadlines in a workflow using metadata

  • Displaying third party information in the Aproove Dashboard/s

  • Driving stakeholder allocation in a project 

  • Implementing user persistence across multiple steps in a workflow



Being able to display the metadata values from within the Aproove dashboard allows users to view and filter on very bespoke information which may have originated from a 3rd party system.

Screenshot shows the selected metadata values are now displayed in the users project dashboard. Any metadata that gets populated will now display.