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Trigger and Actions

Let Aproove Work Management accelerate your workflow with Trigger & Actions tools that increase efficiency with time-saving automation of routine tasks allowing your team to focus on the profitable work.

Workflow or Project automation with Triggers and Actions boosts productivity with simple, automated management of repetitive, manual tasks. Triggers and Actions are managed at the administrative level; this versatile feature offers a method for establishing Triggers that initiate Actions inside Aproove WM.

Repetitive tasks take time and can easily be missed or delayed for any number of reasons. Sending files to a printer via FTP, moving approved, and rejected files into different locations, sending a status callback to a 3rd party system, automatically archiving a project XX amount of days after approval. These are all simple examples of how Triggers and Actions can instantly automate often mundane and unbillable tasks, which are vital for the overall business workflow. You can even chain actions together to do multiple things at the same time.

  • Trigger actions that get automatically initiated by decisions or milestones in your workflow
  • Apply triggers anywhere in your workflow, which fires one or many actions when the trigger conditions get met. Trigger conditions could be a decision made in the workflow or perhaps a set date milestone.



Benefits of Trigger and Actions

Trigger and Actions automation capability can give companies a massive production boost while also eradicating human error. 

Having automated processes guarantees that actions will happen where and when you want them to occur without having to rely on manual intervention. Trigger and Actions can be set to run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and get activated based on your trigger criteria.

The benefits are twofold:

number-1  Staff resources get utilized to work on profitable and billable tasks rather than mundane, repetitive tasks that could be automated.

number-2  Ensures consistency by fixing the triggers wherever needed in the workflow, project, or task.

Predefined actions ensure guaranteed consistency.

 What Trigger & Actions exist inside Aproove WM?

Aproove Work Management has many triggers and actions pre-defined, and we are continuously adding more as needs arise. Users with more advanced requirements such as integration with 3rd party systems can trigger 3rd party scripts or even make a call back via the Aproove API

Click below to see all the trigger and action combinations you can make inside Aproove WM.