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Integrations, API and OEM

Integration Opportunities with Aproove Work Management

Product Integrations

Pre-built integrations give users the freedom to interact with other mission-critical business tools commonly used inside many organizations.

Details of our pre-built integrations are listed below. Check back often as we continue to add new product integrations.

API Integrations

Enterprise customers who wish to embed Aproove WM into 3rd party applications or make application callbacks can access our powerful, fully documented API's along with development support.

• Fully documented REST and RPC API's
• Dynamic Webhook capabilities

OEM Opportunities

Aproove WM has several OEM agreements with software vendors and clients who typically embed Aproove's engines inside their software or offer Aproove as a product addition.

Aproove's headless engine enables companies to embed Aproove Technology into their platform.

Aproove Work Management Integrations

 Out-of-the-box integrations by Aproove Work Management. More coming soon!

Cloud Storage

Many companies have adopted Saas cloud storage at a departmental or company level.

To cater to this growing trend, Aproove Work Management built integrations with the most popular cloud storage providers.

Users can select from
 Box, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox when they want to add files to a project.

The first time a user connects to the desired cloud storage, they will automatically be taken through a simple connection process, taking away any complexity.

Cloud Storage - Aproove
Zapier 1000+ Apps!

Zapier is an app automation platform that connects over 1,300 app APIs into customized, multistep workflows, called Zaps. Zaps start with a Trigger, which watches for new or updated data from an app. 

The Aproove Zap allows Aproove users to connect with over 1300 other Zaps, including Slack, Trello, Google Sheets, Asana, Basecamp, and many more. Maybe you want to push task notifications into Slack, or automatically update your Basecamp projects with events happening inside Aproove?. The possibilities are endless!

Aproove has created some pre-built Aproove Zap combinations to get you started!

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Aproove Work Management has many in-built Digital Asset Management (DAM) functions that can be utilized. Many of our customers take advantage of features such as file previews, upload, download, share links, upload requests, and powerful searching across all the centralized assets.

Many organizations have more advanced DAM requirements and could be using a 3rd party DAM system such as Bynder, Canto, NorthPlains Xinet, and Adobe Experience Manager. Aproove Work Management has successfully integrated into all those platforms and many more, with the integration work carried out by the customer using the Aproove API and webhook capabilities.

DAM Software - Aproove

Enfocus Switch (APROOVE EXPRESS)

Enfocus Switch is a workflow automation tool that helps to automate manual and unbillable tasks such as file checking, file conversions, and print outputs.  

Aproove Express was built as a Switch integration to offer automated submission of digital proofs from any Switch workflow. This gives Switch users a full creation and proofing process in one turnkey solution. 

Aproove Express is available via the Enfocus Switch Appstore.