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Full Text Search
Within Proofs

Full Text & Content Search

Search for text content inside your proofs

Full Text & Content Search

Aproove WM has powerful in-built search capabilities that allow users to quickly find projects, assets, and files and even find content within the proofs themselves.

Full-Text & Content Search is a fantastic feature that enables you to find text content within your proofs. Not only can you find text content, but you are also able to apply annotations from within the search results across single or multiple search results.

Perhaps you found a misspelling in one of your proofs and want to search all the proofs to ensure it was a one-off. Maybe you want to replace a specific word or term with new copy, or you want to search for an ingredient on a packaging file or search for a product code or policy number. Whatever the reason, the Full-Text Search is user-friendly, fast, and reliable.

Get Started

  • Navigate to your project and enter the Flat Plan view
  • Click on the search icon and start typing! As you start typing the number of search hits will display under each of the documents
  • Select a document which contains a search hit - the left-hand panel will display all your search hit results and display them on the page with a blue border
  • Click on any of the search results, and it will get displayed at the appropriate zoom level highlighted in blue


Navigate your search results

  • Once you have selected one of your documents, you can click on each result, and it will take you to the area on the page where the search hit was found.
  • If search results were found on multiple pages or documents in your project, click the arrow keys to navigate through the search results across all your pages and documents. Clicking the arrow key will only take you to the relevant page or document where a search hit was found.


Annotate your search results

  • If you want to add a note or multiple notes onto any of the search results, click on the search result so that the box turns blue.
  • Now select "Add Note" and type your instruction. The note will be added to any of the search results you selected on that page.
  • Once the note is created, you can even go back to the note and add any attachments or @mention users.