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How Kroger Transformed Promotional Execution with Aproove!


As one of the world's largest retailers, with annual sales of more than $121.1 billion (2019). With nearly 2,800 stores in 35 states, under 22 banner brands. Kroger’s Promotional Execution Team set out a transformation objective to change the performance across all Advertising and Display operations that orchestrate 600+ promotional content versions per week across Kroger’s 22 brands. With 2000+ employees in the end-to-end operating model, this presented a significant, enterprise-scale transformation program challenge.

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Kroger’s goal was to architect a centralized scheduling and proofing capability that would embed best-in-class promotional execution work management across Kroger’s internal and Agency partner teams at PureRED. To achieve this, the Kroger and PureRED Strategic Change Teams ran a Global vendor-wide selection process with key qualification criteria, which led to the unanimous decision to partner with Aproove to achieve this Enterprise change.

Work Management Criteria

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The strategic transformation involved defining and articulating the “to be” state for Aproove Promotional Execution work management and delivering the change effectively over three key Phases that mitigated risk and maximized value to the Kroger and PureRED Teams:

Phase 1:
Replicated all existing operations

Phase 2:
Onboarded Merchandising Advertising 

Phase 3:

Expanded into all Kroger Teams and expanded the depth of utilization of the incredibly powerful Aproove capabilities

Aproove offerings

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Take me to the Case Study!



Aproove continues to increase value to Kroger and has dramatically sped up the entire content lifecycle.

Three indicators of operational adoption show the rapid growth in the volume of proofs and tasks being managed, and Aproove adoption has led to a significant reduction in the hard $$ advertising spend. 

Aproove Growth Chart

Implementing Aproove has dramatically reduced errors, increased motivation, and satisfaction across the Teams, and importantly, saved the operation significant costs Kroger PE Leadership Team

Take me to the Case Study
12 min read

Take me to the Case Study!



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