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Aproove 4.1 Launch Day!

Aproove is excited to announce version 4.1, which contains some significant new features including new reporting capabilities, extended search functions, calendar "to-do" events and enhanced "conflict manager" options.


KPI and Business Reporting

Track and analyze the health and performance of projects with permission-based pre-built reports that can run on-demand!.

For those who require more comprehensive and custom reporting, unlock the AWM Custom Report option.




Conflict Manager Decision Panel

Assigned Conflict Managers get taken directly to a decision panel where the conflict gets highlighted, be it a deadline or decision clash.

Decide to re-assign a task, extend a task deadline, or take ownership of the task yourself directly from within the panel.
(Enterprise Edition only)

Add tasks to your calendar!

Users can now optionally add an assigned task to their preferred calendar.

This allows users who are not frequently inside the application to see the deadline and have a direct link to the required task. Users can set reminders based on the calendar preferences.



What else is new?

Aproove 4.1 contains many tweaks and backend improvements to make the product even better!. The list below is focused on the obvious user enhancements, if you require the full release notes, then please get in touch!

  • Allow users to apply a single note on multiple selected proofs from within the note tool
  • Changed the design of the "assign list" to match the contact search
  • New option in export PDF to view "sections"
  • Hide the buttons "send reminder" and "resend" if the invitation is expired
  • New filters to display "All my projects" and "All my active projects" in the "My projects" dashboard
  • Keep the list cursor position after the "To do" List has refreshed
  • Added a new action to reset the changed status
  • Automatically execute all pending actions every 15minutes (if not automated)
  • Added a new column "Changed Proofs Count" in "My Projects" screen
  • Ability to keep any proofs that are selected via proof navigation across multiple pages (essentially add selected proofs to a basket)
  • Add a commit button to the viewer
  • Improved the display speed of Proofs & Files when thousands of proofs, files and sections are in one project
  • Add proof creation date column in the project download window
  • Improve project details information when a project is processing
  • Option to execute an action at the beginning of a workflow step
  • Merge the provisioning and de-provisioning option in SAML configuration
  • Aproove ONE function that allows you to disable a list of expired teams
  • Add a Green flag in contact window when contact is added
  • Added a duplicate project section template
  • Improved the search contact window
  • Add option to send metadata value in an email (eg. the recipient can be a metadata value) from within an automated action
  • Progressive loading implemented in all user/guest lists
  • Added the ability to allow each team to be branded
  • Administrators now have an option to duplicate project templates and actions
  • Added a send button to validate a comment on a note


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