KPI and Business Reporting - Aproove

KPI and Business Reporting

In-Built Reports

As standard Aproove Work Management comes with a selection of pre-built KPI and Business Reports

Custom Reporting

Custom reporting can be achieved by unlocking the AWM Custom Report Option

In-Built Reports

Business and KPI reports are critical for business success giving essential information on areas of improvement and opportunities for growth.

Aproove Work Management Enterprise provides permission based pre-built reports that can run on-demand, allowing you to track and analyze the health and performance of projects and identify any bottlenecks in your process. 

Report Permissions:
Reports come pre-packaged inside Aproove Work Management. Permissions to access the reports gets defined by the system administrator who has granular control of the permissions on each report and can assign those permissions to any user or group. 

Report Scope:
The pre-built reports have different scopes to determine at what level the data can be accessed.
The reports run at three different scope levels;

  • System Level
    Available for all teams and users of Aproove Work Management (in your Enterprise environment)

  • Team Level
    This report gets restricted to a specific team

  • Project Level
    Granular report based on specific project or projects

The system administrator cannot alter the report scope on the pre-built reports.

Run on-demand:
Generating the reports inside Aproove Work Management does not require the user to have any special reporting software installed. The reports are automatically run upon request from within the Aproove interface, and they populated with the latest available data at runtime. 

The reports are available in PDF or CSV format. 

What pre-built reports get provided?
The pre-built reports currently available inside Aproove Work Management are the following;

  • System Usage
    Provides details on every user and teamin the system, projects created, disk space used, quotas, number of assigned tasks and last  login. 

  • Team Usage
    Provides the same information as the System usage but it is restricted to a specific "team"

  • Active Task
    Team report showing projects that have either "in progress" or "pending tasks." The deadline and who the task/s is assigned to also gets reported. This gives a summary of all the outstanding tasks and who needs to complete them within your team. 

  • Summary Project List
    Users can select one or multiple projects in the "My Projects" dashboard, and a report will get generated on those specific projects, including details such as; deadline, duration, number of proofs, number of tasks, project status, etc.

  • Project Health
    Project health report gives a holistic view of all the project/s selected in the "My Projects" window. This report focuses on a color-coded breakdown of the tasks showing late, at risk, on-time, and done status across both proof and approval status of the proofs.

  • Aggregate Project Health
    A report summary presented as a set of high-level charts. The report includes the accumulated data from the task and proof status.

Custom Reports

Many Enterprise companies require more comprehensive and custom reporting, which can be achieved by unlocking the Aproove WM Custom Report option. 

The Custom Report option allows for any data stored in the Aproove Work Management database to get included in as many custom-built reports as you require, and they can be tailored to your exact requirements. 

The reporting module consists of a separate reporting engine that takes reporting requests and creates the report on the fly using a live set of data, before providing the report back to the user via a web download.

The custom reporting engine has a dedicated web instance to ensure it does not affect performance for the regular system users.

Reports are available in different levels of the system based on the report configuration. The reports are visible to users depending on the global group/s they are assigned. This allows for a very flexible reporting configuration.

The reports are configured outside of Aproove using the industry-standard report building tool before being uploaded into Aproove and mapped to the Aproove database fields via the Aproove administration interface. 


Building a custom report:
The Aproove report and KPI module was built to allow your custom reports to get uploaded into Aproove and mapped to the Aproove database fields you require.

The reporting engine runs on Crystal Report directly on the Aproove web server. It connects to the Aproove Postgres database using a specific user that sees a set of specialized views. These views present the data in a way that makes it easy to build reports.
To further simplify the process of creating a custom report, you can download an empty template report and use it as a starting point to build your custom report.

A detailed technote on Reporting is available upon request to any interested parties.