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Time & Materials

Time & Materials

Track billable and un-billable hours along with any materials used with the Aproove Work Management Time & Materials feature.

Time & Materials

The Aproove Work Management Time and Materials function allows users to log time against tasks, and/or enter billable materials. Time and Materials can be configured to appear automatically after a user has completed a task, or they can get entered manually. Time and Material data can also get exported.

The video below shows & materials input sheet appearing after a user has completed a task:

The administrator can configure where and when the time and materials window should appear in the workflow. In this example, the time and materials card appeared after a user completed a task. The system can extract project information and pre-populate  timesheet data for the user's convenience.

Note that the administrator can also opt to show no time and materials, only time, only materials, or both time and materials at any workflow step. 

The following information can be requested:


  • Time Billing Code: A pre-determined list of codes or departments under which to bill the task (defined by the administrator). The billing code can hold the rate and increment information, e.g., should 6 mins be rounded to 15, 30, 45, or 60 mins, or should it stay as a 1 min increment (e.g., bill for 6 mins with no rounding). 
  • Date in / Date Out: Automatically populates with the date of when the user started and ended the task (usually the same day). These fields can be adjusted (which will adjust the calculated duration field).
  • Time in / Time Out: Automatically populates with the time the user started and completed the task (this is to help the user). However, these fields can be adjusted (which will adjust the calculated duration field) if inaccurate (e.g., you went to lunch and left the task running). 
  • Calculated Duration: This is the calculated duration of the task from opening to closing. This figure will be used if the "corrected effort" field is not changed.
  • Corrected Effort: The corrected effort allows the user to adjust the time they want to log against the task (if the "time in" and "time out" do not reflect the real effort). The corrected time drop-down will show the increments set in the Time Billing Code.
  • Max Duration: This field is hidden. However, the administrator can set a maximum duration that can be entered for any given task per billing code. (maybe you have a maximum amount of time to be billed for a specific task). If a user goes over that time, they cannot submit the timesheet without changing the "corrected effort" field.


  • Material Billing Code: A pre-determined list of material codes can be defined by the administrator along with the max quantity and description (page is the description in the video below, but it could be anything per material code e.g., packs, sheets, etc.
  • Material Quantity: User can enter the amount of materials used
  • Description: The description field gets automatically populated with the task request info, but the user can amend or add additional information

The video below shows the time and materials being accessed manually for input, or for amending previous time or material entry. The administrator also can add specific billing codes:

Users with the appropriate permissions (usually department managers or project managers) will see the "Time and Materials" menu on the Home Page. Once selected, previously completed Time and Materials can be viewed, and the user can amend them by choosing the pencil or delete them with the cross icon. 

Users can click the + Add Time & Materials icon to add time or material to an existing time and material entry. Users must select which project to add the time and materials to when creating a manual Time or Material input. 

Once the project is selected, the user can fill out the time and materials and apply it to a user. 

The user can add billing and material codes (so that they appear in the dropdown list for other team members) by selecting the pencil icon next to the Time Billing Code & Material Billing Code before entering the required Information. Once added, the new time or material codes will appear in the dropdown list for all the other team members who use the time and material functionality. 

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