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Track billable and unbillable hours using the Aproove Work Management Timesheet feature.


The Aproove Work Management Timesheet function allows users to log time against tasks. Timesheets can get configured to appear automatically after a user has completed a task, or they can get entered manually. Timesheet data can also get exported.

The video below shows timesheet appearing after a user has completed a task:

The administrator can configure where and when the timesheet window should popup in the workflow. In this example, the timesheet appeared after a user completed a task. The system can extract information from the project and pre-populate some of the timesheet data for the user's convenience.

The following information can be requested:

  • Date: Automatically populates with the date when the task gets completed
  • Time in: Automatically populates with the time when the user started the task
  • Time Out: Automatically calculates and populates once the duration field gets completed
  • Duration: In this example, the user populates the time using a minimum of 15 min increments. (Increments get determined by the admin depending on your billing requirements)
  • Billing Code: Pre-determined list of codes or departments in which to bill the task under (defined by the administrator)
  • Description: The description filed gets automatically populated with the task request info, but the user can amend or add additional information

    The video below shows the timesheet being accessed manually for input, or for amending previous timesheets. The administrator also can add specific billing codes:

If users have the appropriate permissions (usually department managers or project managers), they will see the "Timesheets" menu in the Home Page. Once selected, previously completed timesheets can be viewed, and the user can amend them by choosing the pencil, or delete them with the cross icon. 

If the user wishes to add a new timesheet, they can click on the + Add Time Sheet icon. When users create manual timesheets, they need to select the project they wish to assign time against from the dropdown list. 

Once the project is selected, the user is then able to fill out the timesheet and also decide what user they wish to apply the time too. The user can create multiple timesheet entries within the same window. 

The user can add additional billing codes so that they appear in the dropdown list for other team members by selecting the pencil icon next to the Billing Code and enter the Key, Label, Rate, and Unit Information. Once added, the new billing code will appear in the dropdown list for all the other team members who use the timesheet functionality. 

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