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Aproove Charity's 2021

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, many charities, especially animal welfare, have seen significant fund-raising sources cut off.  For 2021 the Aproove team voted to help small animal welfare charities that do invaluable work keeping animals safe & providing vital services for the local communities.


Throughout history, donkeys have served humans well and worked hard. Sadly many are treated as work accessories, which has resulted in abuse and neglect. Frequently when a Donkey is no longer able to work, they are abandoned or sold for meat. These beautiful animals deserve so much more.

Donkey Dreamland provides a home for donkeys free from pain and suffering, surrounded by people who offer love and respect in a calm and tranquil setting in the hills above La Cala de Mijas in Spain.

Volunteers run Donkey Dreamland, and 100% rely on donations to keep funding the project. For details of how to donate, volunteer, visit or sponsor a donkey, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Even if you cannot contribute, a simple "follow or like" on social media will help Donkey Dreamland to raise awareness.

We thank you for all your generosity and help.

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The non-profit organization Refuge du Beaussart has been taking in abandoned, lost and mistreated dogs and cats since 2006. 

Every year, we accommodate more than 700 unfortunate animals, many of whom escape a miserable existence. Rest assured that no healthy animal will ever get euthanized at SPA refuge. Our mission is to ensure all our animals find a loving family where they can live in comfort and peace and become part of a loving family.

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