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Workflow strategies to improve marketing performance

3 WFM Software for marketing blog July 24

With the incredible rise of digital marketing, there is an increasing need for marketing teams to create slick workflows to power their marketing campaigns. Having a robust marketing workflow drives day-to-day efficiency and helps marketing teams stay on top of tasks and remain competitive. Workflow management software helps marketing teams establish a solid workflow structure to encourage better collaboration and ensure the appropriate use of resources so that marketing campaigns achieve higher quality within a smaller amount of time.  

Today, on the Aproove blog, we share some essential strategies for utilizing the best workflow software to increase marketing productivity. Let’s go!  

Centralize Communication and Collaboration 

Marketing can be one of the most hectic environments, so having common ground to communicate and collaborate becomes essential for smooth team functioning. Workflow management software is an excellent solution for marketing teams. All communication and collaboration occur within the framework of workflow management tools; there is no more stress from email pinging 24/7. 


Communication: Workflow automation software allows everybody in the organization to communicate back and forth. If a team is working on a piece, questions can be asked through the work management system, such as using @mentions, meaning that aspects of a project won’t just fall through the cracks.

Collaboration tools: These tools, such as document sharing, real-time editing, and commenting, play a crucial role in promoting teamwork. They enable team members to work together effectively, fostering a collaborative work culture within the organization.

Transparency: Everyone can access the same information, reducing misunderstandings and improving accountability. 


Implement a workflow management tool that includes robust communication and collaboration features. Tools such as Aproove have integrated chat, file sharing, and workflows built into them, which can all be leveraged to create one space to hold all project-related communication. 

Define and Standardize Processes 

Each marketing campaign can have dozens of steps and multiple team members. With transparent processes, things can get done. Workflow management software helps to define and standardize marketing processes, making them transparent and repeatable and scaling those processes as needed. 


Consistency: Consistent processes ensure that each campaign is performed with the same care and adherence to rules as previous campaigns.

Efficiency: Another significant benefit of workflow management software is its role in streamlining operations. Clearly defined workflows within the software help team members understand their responsibilities and deadlines, thereby enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Scalability: Standardized processes make scaling operations and onboarding new team members easier.  


Schematize your marketing processes, from creation to execution, and use workflow management software to create workflow templates for your processes. With Aproove, you can build detailed workflows with assigned tasks, timelines, and designated assignees, then review and fine-tune these workflows frequently.  

WFM Software for marketing blog July 24

Automate Repetitive Tasks 

Due to its automated nature, workflow automation software can do wonders to enhance the performance of your marketing process since it frees up time for teams to focus on more meaningful work. 


Time savings: Routine tasks become automated so that the focus can be on more valuable work.

Reduced Errors: Automated processes are less prone to human error. 

Consistency: Automated tasks are performed consistently and on schedule. 


Identify which simple, repetitive tasks in your marketing workflows could be automated. For example, you might share an email marketing message with your list each week, send status updates to your social media accounts regularly, or gather and analyze some stats daily. Find a tool such as Aproove that supports your automation and sets it up. Then, help your team learn the ins and outs of maintaining and troubleshooting your automation. 

Optimize Resource Allocation 

Good resource management reflects cost savings and efficient resource allocation. This is where the best workflow software can come in handy. It can assist you in scheduling tasks and delegating resources. 


Better Utilization: Optimize the use of your team’s skills and time. 

Avoid Overload: Prevent team members from being overwhelmed with too many tasks. 

Project Prioritization: Ensure that high-priority projects receive the necessary resources. 


You could also use workflow management software for resource management. Such software provides detailed insights into the amount of resources available for work allocation and ensures a well-balanced distribution of marketing project workload. Monitor resource allocation closely and be ready to reallocate when necessary. 

Track and Measure Performance 

Tracking and measuring performance is crucial if you want to continuously improve your marketing or business processes. Workflow management tools feature robust reporting and analytics options, showing how well your processes achieve their goals. 

Insightful Data: Access to data on task completion times, project bottlenecks, and team performance. 

Performance Improvement: Identify areas for improvement and implement changes based on data. 

Goal Tracking: Monitor progress towards marketing goals and adjust strategies as needed. 


Measurements help you understand whether your workflows reach the right people, so track KPIs (key performance indicators) in your workflow automation software. The best workflow software can provide different data-entry KPIs that can be customized to measure how your marketing campaigns are going. Using what you calculate, finesse your activities to help your marketing succeed. 

2 WFM Software for marketing blog July 24

Enhance Flexibility and Adaptability 

Global environments that require a quick adaptation to change represent significant challenges to any organization, and your team needs to be prepared to work with these new challenges. This is why your marketing team can benefit so much from the introduction of workflow management software to their processes: it will help your team become more flexible and dynamic when responding to the changes that marketplaces offer. 


Quick Adjustments: Easily modify workflows and reassign tasks as needed. 

Scalable Processes: Scale your workflows up or down based on project requirements. 

Agility: Respond swiftly to market changes and new opportunities.  


Pick workflow management tools that allow flexible workflows and easy shifts. Cultivate a culture of flexibility within your marketing team; it helps prepare everyone for the unexpected.  

Improve Client and Stakeholder Management 

Good marketing projects require effective liaison with clients and stakeholders. You likely already have workflow management software for this as part of your marketing plan. Keeping clients and stakeholders up-to-date with what is happening and at what stage in the project ensures that working relationships remain solid. 

Transparency: Clients and stakeholders have visibility into project progress. 

Improved Communication: Streamlined communication channels for updates and feedback. 

Satisfaction: Enhanced client and stakeholder satisfaction through better project management.  


Utilize workflow management tools to create transparent portals. Use them to keep clients and stakeholders informed, receive feedback, and allow them to communicate directly with the project team. The software should be templatized and have a straightforward navigation, offering all the relevant information. 


With the right workflow management software strategies, any marketing team can significantly boost its performance. By implementing these strategies, your marketing operations will be stronger than ever before, enabling your team to provide your clients with high-quality campaigns that deliver results. 

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