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Boosting Your Marketing Strategy with Digital Asset Management Software

Marketing strategy with Digital Asset Management Software

As a marketer, you will realize that besides using your creativity to make sure that you capture the attention of your unique consumer (or stick out of the pack), using well-thought out digital asset management software can help you with the organization, management, and utilization of digital assets. Digital Asset Management tools are now becoming a vital solution for any type of marketer that wishes to improve the efficiency of their workflow and collaboration with the team, as well as the overall impact of any type of marketing campaign. On the Aproove blog, we will also be looking at the impact that Digital Asset Management tools can have on your marketing strategy, and how they can be used to help your brand rise to the top in the digital world.

Centralized Asset Storage

Digital Asset Management software can act as a centralized asset store and workflow manager, with one place to keep, organise and share all your digital files, whether they are images, videos, graphics or documents. This helps to prevent chaotic files being scattered around different systems to replace the traditional afternoon spent trawling a network or intranet database in search of the most up-to-date version of a file from last year.

Efficient Collaboration

Collaboration is a must when it comes to any marketing team, and DAM software enables team members to collaborate efficiently by working on the same files at the same time, using version control features to ensure everyone is working on the same version. If two team members work on different versions of the same file, it can cause confusion.

Time-Saving Automation

Automation features in DAM software can also cut down on time spent doing dull things repeatedly. Linking metadata tags and keyword searches allows you to find and pull specific assets quickly, saving valuable time finding files so you can spend it being creative rather than searching.

Consistent Branding

There’s a focus on brand consistency so that you can create a lasting impression with your audience and continually build that trust. It’s not possible for people to think of you as trustworthy unless you are consistent with your branding. With the help of DAM software, your team can be rest assured they’re using the latest brand files, logos and style guides. This will ensure consistency across all marketing channels that people will associate with your brand.

Enhanced Security

As threats of cyberattacks are increasing, securing your digital assets is ever more important. Protection is a key function of Digital Asset Management software. You can decide who can access which assets in your digital asset repository. It is also possible to track how someone is using your assets. DAM software also prevents unauthorised use and distribution of your valuable assets.

Streamlined Approval Processes

Marketing materials need to get approved by various people, which can turn into a bottleneck and slow down the timeline of your campaigns. Special approval workflows – a core feature that comes with DAM software – provide a solution by allowing all stakeholders to review and approve the assets in a timely manner, thus not only speeding up your campaign deployment but also reducing risks.

Data Insights

Alongside facilitating the management and storage of assets, DAM systems can provide marketers with insights into the performance of their assets. With the help of key performance indicators such as metrics around asset downloads, views and shares, data-driven insights can be uncovered to further hone their marketing strategies, and better serve the content that their audience relates to most.

A DAM (Digital Asset Management) tool is not only a file repository; it’s a management tool that can fundamentally transform your marketing approach Digital Asset Management tools allow you, as a marketer, to make your campaigns smarter and more memorable by consolidating assets, making your team’s collaboration efforts easier, and giving you the power to analyse your material.

Adopting DAM software to your digital marketing strategy, such as that from Aproove, is a smart move that will allow you to increase your efficiency, creativity and efficacy in this increasingly competitive digital marketing world.

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