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How Work Management Makes Your Marketing Role Easier

How Work Management Makes Your Marketing Role Easier

As a marketer, you must juggle tasks and projects at breakneck speed and multitask on a dozen fronts - content marketing, social media management, campaign planning, performance tracking, and everything in between. Work management is systematically planning, executing, and tracking tasks and projects. With effective enterprise work management software, chaos becomes organized, all with the help of a powerful workflow.

What is Work Management?

Work management refers to how work gets done at individual companies and enterprises. It is the term given to how projects and tasks are planned, executed, and tracked inside an organization. It encompasses project management, task management, and time management: Work wouldn’t get done without work management! The critical elements of work management software are as follows:

Task Management: Organizing and prioritizing individual tasks.

Project Management: Planning and overseeing projects from inception to completion.

Time Management: Allocating time resources effectively to maximize productivity.

Collaboration Tools: Facilitating communication and cooperation among team members. Since all of the above components can be combined within great work management software, marketers can better manage workloads, collaborate more effectively, and be more productive.

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Benefits of Work Management in Marketing

Improved Organization and Prioritization

Good enterprise work management software helps marketers organize their tasks and projects. Applications such as Aproove allow for categorizing tasks via boards and lists, where they can be sorted by priority, status, and due date. The merit of this level of organization lies in the assurance that nothing important will slip through the cracks and that deadlines will be met consistently across the board. You can conduct strategic triage on which activities should be attended to first.

Better Collaboration and Communication

Marketing processes also involve multiple business departments, such as design, sales, and customer service, and work management tools can keep all these departments collaborating

in one platform. With all meetings, feedback, updates, and work-in-progress files in one place, communication is streamlined and timely, reducing the chances of team misunderstandings. Features like @mentions, chat, comment, and document sharing help with collaboration between team members.

Efficient Resource Allocation

For instance, work management software helps marketers efficiently assign time, money, and personnel to various projects. Marketers might use a work management system to assign and track project timelines and resource usage. They would be able to pull reports showing projects that were close to completion to reallocate finite resources, glance at reports stating not enough people were assigned to a project, and reallocate resources to complete the project on time and to budget.

Campaign Planning and Execution

Campaign planning (coming up with an idea or strategy, creating the content, delivering it across different channels, scaling, and measuring success) typically involves hundreds of steps. Work management tools come with templates and workflows that help marketers know what to do each step through the campaign process – and what to do next. Automated reminders can also set realistic due dates and dependencies to make sure each step is completed in the correct order and at the right time. Collectively, these capabilities help to minimize costly errors and delays.

Real-Time Performance Tracking and Reporting

It’s impossible to deliver marketing activities and media the wrong way, right?


This is why it's vital to monitor the results produced by marketing activities – to see which ones work and which ones don't and to understand what adjustments need to be made to make the marketing activities more efficient. Enterprise work management software usually has analytics options, providing real-time reports about campaigns' performance. Dashboards and dashboards provide reporting marketers can customize and share with stakeholders at all company levels. Now, marketers can see how a department is performing, how a campaign is faring, and how tactics work. All provide critical information that can be used to adjust and adapt as the marketing activities are executed, making them more effective.

Increased Accountability and Transparency

Ad hoc task and date allocation can lead to resource confusion. However, in a typical work management system, who does what and when is visible to everyone, creating a sense of accountability. Knowing that you can say, ‘It’s your work,’ leads to task acceptance and accountability.

Growth Enablement

As marketing teams grow and campaigns get more sophisticated, work management systems grow to accommodate more work. Extra layers of complexity can be added to a workflow, team members can be added and removed as needed, and new and existing tools can be integrated into the system. But there is more to it than just scaling up. For a work management system to be effective in achieving the speed and adaptability that marketers require, it must be sufficiently flexible to grow and change.

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Implementing Work Management in Your Marketing Role

Realizing the benefits of enterprise work management software requires the right tools and strategy for your specific team. Here’s how to do it.

Assess Your Current Workflow

To do so, start by analyzing the current situation. Map out what it takes to complete a particular project from start to finish, and identify the pain points and inefficiencies in your workflow. Ask your teammates about their frustrations and the gaps in their workflow that inhibit success. Then, take those pain points and fill them with a work management system.

Choose the Right Work Management System

There are many tools for work management. When choosing a system, consider whether you value ease of use, the ability to integrate with other tools, the ability to customize, or cost.

Set Clear Goals and Objectives

Define those goals and objectives. Why are you considering implementing work management software? What are your goals? Are you trying to make people more efficient? Work better together? Get better visibility on the work you’re doing. Making sure your goals or objectives are known and used as a guide for how you will set up the tool and how people will use it will be the difference between a productive experience and one that takes up valuable time (and a good deal of time).

Create Structured Workflows

Create workflows for recurring tasks and projects, outlining every step, assigning responsibilities, and setting deadlines. Create templates for commonly used processes such as creating content, planning campaigns, or managing social media.

Train Your Team

Ensure your team is trained and supported to use this new work management system (or the existing one at some companies) so that everyone is comfortable on day one. Set aside time for workshops, tutorials, or even one-on-ones. Allow questions and encourage exploration of features, etc. Ask your team for feedback regarding the usability of the tool.

Monitor and Adjust

Try to keep an eye on whether or not your work management system is working well. Get feedback from your team. Examine whatever performance data you can to see which areas may need enhancements. You might need to tweak a workflow or move some tasks around – or perhaps see if there are new features you can add to your system.

Implemented the right way, enterprise work management software can be a gift like no other for professional marketers. It enables them to work better by providing meaningful organizational, collaborative, productivity, and accountability wins along the way. With work management as part of your day-to-day, managing the workload becomes more manageable, making it easier to aim and score higher, especially in such a competitive field.

Work management software can help you work smarter, more effectively, and more efficiently, keeping you ahead of the curve in your marketing career, no matter the size of your team or organization.

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