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Boosting productivity with online proofing software

Boosting productivity with online proofing software


As our world evolves into a digital age, businesses and creative professionals the world over turn to online proofing software to collaborate with customers, clients, colleagues and agencies, to get feedback on their work and have it approved. Whether you're a graphic designer or marketer, an editor or a content creator, a project manager, an art director or a creative agency, online proofing technology can make your workflow immensely smoother, and collaborating with your business much easier.

On the Aproove blog we’ll discuss how online proofing software helps you increase productivity and optimise your workflow.

Streamlined Collaboration 

A good online proofing tool is the focal point of collaboration. Instead of exchanging many emails with attachments back and forth, you can upload your work to the platform, share it with collaborators and colleagues and receive feedback – all in one place. This avoids confusion so typical for communication dispersed over many emails, and all stakeholders can see the latest version of a document or project. The result is a collaboration with less friction, saving time and preventing errors.

Real-Time Feedback 

One of the main advantages of online proofing software is the ability to get feedback almost instantaneously. Your team members can provide suggestions and indicate where they need corrections within the document or design, without having to send you an email or wait until you are both in an in-person meeting. This helps to improve efficiency and reduces the time spent waiting for feedback. Additionally, you can make changes to a document as soon as an issue is identified, so any bottlenecks that could otherwise waste your project’s time are eliminated.

Version Control 

Any collaborative project requires version control. An Online proofing tool should allow you to see which version of a document is the most current. If not, you’ll have a lot of scrolling to do. Do you have the correct version of the last draft? Did your client email you a mark-up of the final document? Which file is on which folder? All of this is a pain and a waste of time. You don’t want to get caught up in confusion. With total version control, you don’t have to worry; you can move on with confidence and not be disrupted by a rogue version of work from the past.

Annotation and Mark-up Tools 

Online proofing software also often has annotation and mark-up tools that let reviewers flag, highlight and underline content and add comments on the content itself. Visual feedback accelerates the review process by making it clear to everyone what the problem areas are and what changes need to be made to the work and for reviewers to provide more context for reviewers. The ability to point to particular places for improvement makes the whole process clearer and fewer iterations of back-and-forth would be needed in the discussion and clarification process.

Task Assignment and Tracking 

By assigning tasks and action items via an Online proofing tool, you can track responsible parties. This helps with ensuring that everyone is on the same page before moving ahead. Once a task is completed, you can track and follow up through the same platform, eliminating the need for external task management tools or spreadsheets that could slow down the process. This also helps with streamlining workflows and defining individual responsibilities, so work gets done quickly and efficiently.

Integration with Other Tools 

Many online proofing tools integrate with your other favorite software such as project management systems, cloud storage and design software, enabling you to sync your proofing process with your existing workflow and avoid switching between different applications that may cause delays in productivity and data transfers. 

Automated Workflows 

The second benefit of workflow automation software is increasing productivity. Online proofing software can automate reminding users to review something or notifying the team about the current stage of a project to free up your team from doing tedious tasks, in order to give more room and time for them to think of creative and strategic ways of working.

Online proofing is an amazing tool that helps to improve the productivity and efficiency of any joint project. It works due to the communication simplification, real-time feedback, availability of joined files, and the annotation, which help you to improve your workflow.

Aproove Work Management acknowledges its position within your technology stack, recognizing that it constitutes just one element among many. In accordance with this, it seamlessly integrates online proofing with widely used project management and creative tools, such as Adobe Workfront.

Effortlessly connect your Adobe Workfront instance with Aproove's robust Online Proofing. Whether your proofing needs are simple or complex, Aproove guarantees a rapid and smooth integration process, allowing you to become operational in no time!

This integration is facilitated through Aproove's recently launched middleware platform, Aproove Concoord. Furthermore, Aproove possesses the capability to extend and customize this integration based on specific customer requirements. The notable integration feature significantly improves overall workflow efficiency, by eliminating the necessity to switch between diverse platforms. This enables teams to operate within their preferred tools while still capitalizing on the efficiency of Aproove for a more streamlined proofing and approval process.

Besides better communication, the ability to assign and to follow up on tasks, integrate with other tools and automate busy work, all are helping us be more productive. If you’re not taking advantage of online proofing software like that from Aproove yet, you’re missing out. It will help you take your project from zero to victory.

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