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Aproove Version Release Notes

Today Aproove is pleased to announce version Below you will find the release note summary.

Typically Aproove sends out an email notification that incorporates two or three highlighted features within the email along with a list of all new functions and enhancements.

Today we will place the release notes in the blog area in a change from our usual email announcements and then focus on relevant new features in the coming weeks (before the next release). We will also offer a webinar with each new release when significant new functionality gets released.

This is to give our users more drip-fed information about each release, and it will also allow us to "zoom in" on the new functions between the releases. We want to explain the feature and also provide some business "use-case" examples.

In the coming weeks expect to see more use case information on the following new features launched today;

  1. Grid Function in Forms (Spreadsheet eliminator!)
  2. Tags at the section and project level with enhanced filtering and automation capabilities
  3. PDF Export "pre-defined" settings enhancement for enterprise customers

Below is a summary of the new features in version



  • Extended Form capabilities by adding a "grid" function that can have a variable number of columns and rows.


  • Restructure Project tags to better integrate with the workflow for extended automation and filtering capabilities

  • Implemented Tags at a "Section" Level

  • Implemented Tags at a "Project" Level

Trigger and Actions

Trigger based

  • Extend "Tag" trigger capability to extract information such as the note creators, tag creators, to use in actions, e.g., when a note is tagged with a "rejected" tag, the note creator gets informed via email

  • New action to create upload task

  • New action to manage multiple delete levels in a project (trash management & partial project cleaning)

PDF Export

  • Admin can set multiple "pre-defined"  PDF Export settings

  • Added the ability to sort proofs in an exported PDF

  • Inform a user when a PDF export will be blank



  • Display project tags in "details" view

  • Display section tags in project details "proofs view"

  • Add filters in the section list of the "project details" view

  • Display keywords in "project details"

  • Improve performance in section display

  • Show Project Version number in Dashboard

  • Display keywords and tags in the "recently accessed projects" data grid

  • Display keywords and tags in "my projects" data grid

  • Visual display to show a user why the file name does not match the required naming convention

  • Ability to define a localized error message when the file does not match the required naming convention

Single-Sign-On (SSO)

  • SSO Settings for Company and Description fields


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