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2021/R4 Aproove WM core updates to improve speed and performance!

Today Aproove is pleased to announce a significant new version of Aproove Work Management!

This version incorporates core technology updates that improve both the speed and performance of Aproove and lays the groundwork for Aproove to incorporate significant new features during the rest of 2021 and beyond.

Of course, we could not make a release without some new visible features, so we are pleased to announce some significant enhancements to the tag functionality, including the ability to automate "hidden tags" that can enhance searching and filtering.

After consultation with our customer base, Aproove has changed the way that we number our releases. As a SaaS company, Aproove can release anywhere between 8-12 times per year.

For ease, all future versions will start with the year, e.g., 2021, then the release number for that year (a year being January-January).

The release we are posting today is the fourth release this year, and therefore it will be named the 2021/R4 version.

The 2021/R4 version of Aproove is a significant release that incorporates core system updates throughout the software. The release has some new functionality (explained below); however, the core system updates to PHP, Apache and the backend database will dramatically improve speed and performance in this release.

Due to the nature of this upgrade it has undergone some of the most intense testing and QA ever undertaken at Aproove. However, it is vital for all Enterprise customers to test all workflow scenarios upon upgrade.

The Aproove Customer Success team will be in touch over the coming weeks to arrange your upgrade.

Below is a summary of the new features in version 2021/R4

  • Further extend Proof Tag capability throughout the product including ability to move tags to a new proof version & automate hidden tags to aid searching and filtering

  • Support proof filtering based on Proof Tags in task

  • Filter on Proof Tags in the project plan display

  • User/s can delete tags made by invited guest

  • Various design and appearance improvements
The video below shows the new tag search/filter capability in the project plan view;

  • Improve & expand the statistics display in the "To-Do" list

  • Allow search on note content & author from project plan view

  • Allow search on Proof Tags in project plan view

  • Disable some of the menu items in the dashboard if a project has no proof

  • Allow dashboard preference cookies to be exported to a global group

  • Add new filter to "hide done" tasks in the project details view

  • Sort the list of workflow steps alphabetically In the Project Dashboard

Trigger based

Trigger & Actions;
  • New Action "Send Review Task"

  • Expand "Send Upload Task" action to have a "hold" capability - task is on hold until a project manager releases

  • Expand "Send Upload Task" action to store metadata values in form grids for re-use later


Review Interface


  • Add project option to have @mention inherit sender permissions for note

  • Searching is no longer case-sensitive in the review interface


Metadata & Forms


  • Ability to add an email to a whitelist using metadata values

  • Ability to renaming file/s during an upload task using metadata key values

  • Support structured multiple metadata values in a "Send Task" action (array)

  • Allow metadata keys in the field validator 

Instant Share
  • Significant updates to the instant share feature in Aproove including a new hold/release option! 

PDF Export
  • Add function to allow custom messages to the Export PDF action 

Aproove Drive
  • Enable multi folder selection in the drive to create an share invitation

  • Allow renaming of the files that are uploaded using a task

  • Migrate platform to PHP7.4

  • Use existing @mention redirect setting to set the default redirect URL for all tasks

  • Allow the "proof" label used in the workflow diagram to be localized

  • New additional Japanese translation strings

  • Hide the color attribute in the invitation when an upload/download task has been selected

  • Convert the job_id field in the job_guest_access (and other tables) to INT

  • Name project reports using the project names

  • Use task option instead of context

  • Task batch improvement

  • Optimize global notification creation for setPageStatus and setLockPageForAllUsers

  • Project task batch : exclude proof not in the flow from batch

  • Store static proof id and info in a separate column

  • Prevent any action on proof locked

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