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Any HD Video, HR PDF, HR picture as well as website can become a project and they can easily be submitted from your desktop using Aproove’s DROPZONE tool. Simply drag and drop assets for quick and easy submission with no file size limitations and 100% High Resolution support. Real online proofing and online approval has never been so possible.

Invite whoever is required in collaboration

Invite whoever is required in an approval cycle. You can do this on the fly without the user needing to be registered in the system – all you need is an email address, but you still have the ability to restrict the permissions of the invited parties using simple tick boxes and you can even restrict access to specific pages or even to a cropped part of the file or video depending on your requirements. Real online proofing and online approval needs such feature to offer flexibility and almost zero workflow setup, even in huge project like massive catalogs or video production.

Collaborate : Share, Invite, Manage comments and feedback

Aproove’s proprietary display technology enables real-time asset viewing with incredibly fast and powerful zoom functions. Aproove creates a dynamic “To Do” list for the users allowing them to manage projects easily. Real online proofing and online approval needs such capabilities to hande real world projects.

Approve in Real time

Aproove’s proprietary push technology gives the user the ability to have real-time screen notifications, chat and annotation sharing. Based upon project rules, invitees can get in touch with you in a snap without having to refresh the screen. Real online proofing and online approval has never been so interactive.

Analyze your collaboration with detailed Analytics

Aproove’s Analytics module delivers customisable, real-time dashboards that fulfills the reporting needs across the organization. Anyone from executives to production staff can use simple dashboards which can also easily be integrated into any reporting system. Reports can also be automatically sent via email on intervals decided by you. Real online proofing and online approval generates a lot of traffic, you need such module to finally analyze your collaboration to improve your efficiency.

Share and archive all material - DAM integration

Final material can be archived using Aproove’s state of the art feature rich fully searchable digital asset management system (DAM). Aproove Archive makes it simple to share digital content via an intuitive browser interface. Real online proofing and online approval needs such feature... > See more features

The Enterprise Visual Collaboration Solution

Aproove is “THE” revolutionary Enterprise class Visual Collaboration Solution providing an impressive ROI for Brand Owners, Marketing Departments, Photographers, Video Postproduction Studios, Printers, Advertising Agencies, Packaging Companies or Centralized Service Providers. Using Aproove gives you everything you need to manage efficiently, securely and easily any Work in Progress from one to thousands of required users : 24/7 Online Proofing, Online Approval, fast and modern collaboration, unlimited Digital Asset access, sharing and sign off with a slick user interface. Aproove is a highly scalable standalone solution, but also seamlessly integrates any existing ERP, MIS, MAM or DAM as the perfect collaborative complement.

They aproove

Macy's NY has chosen Aproove solution for managing all their picture retouching collaboration task between all marketing teams and the retouching/designer team. Aproove unique technology on displaying accurate High Resolution picture in any colorspace on any device has made a huge difference compared to competition. The low hardware footprint ensure very fast operation even with huge pictures and many concurrent users. The all picture retouching team (more than 30 operators) are happy Aproove users since 2012 and involve anyone at Macy's out of 15.000 users through the Aproove AD connector.

Realworld online proofing, online approval and even complex online collaboration became reality using Aproove for Macy's.

L'Oréal luxe division has chosen Aproove to cut their operating cost in all their collaboration with their external retouching agencies. Yves Saint Laurent beauté was the first L'Oréal brand to be equiped with a full Aproove solution in December 2013. All their exchanges, uploads, online reviews, online approvals, online proofing and file distribution with their suppliers and subsidiaries are now handled using Aproove with a massive time saving, total security and comfort. Retouching operations from suppliers where requiring between 24 to 48 hours in the past. Using Aproove, all those opreations including certified color proofing delivery are now done in real time and does not require anymore carrier. This has saved a massive amount of time, money and stress to YSL's marketing team.

"We began using Aproove in our European operations [in 2013], with great success...It reduced the number of physical proofing cycles dramatically, with a resulting drop in paper costs and total time spent on proofing...our earlier process of downloading and distributing PDFs was costly and time consuming, but Aproove has solved this...Aproove is truly innovative."

Staples Europe has tightly integrated Aproove in their internal marketing collaboration workflow with more than 300 registered users and hundreds of guests involved in online proofing, online approval, all on the fly from all their Business unit in all European countries. Aproove Architecture and its very low hardware footprint has helped Staples to run the whole solution on a single instance Aproove server running on a 2 core virtual machine. The 26 languages Staples's catalogs and big books production are all done through Aproove from briefing to final approval print. This represent 100.000+ pages.

Marco VAN DIJK - Project and System Operations Manager at Staples

Mondelez International is a huge company that has chosen Aproove for online proofing and online approval, reviewing of all packaging material starting with their Asia division in Indonesia. This was recently installed (March 2014). Stay tuned for testimonial.

"...With files centrally located, we’re able to streamline the workflow by eliminating back & forth for reviews. By eliminating & reducing file circulation among the reviewers. The greatest features of the application are version control and the invite feature which also management to Invite non account users into to workflow process."

Hudson Bay Company is located in Canada. They have more than 450 concurrent users and more than 2100 active users through invites in their Aproove solution installed in 2013 providing online proofing and online approval state of the art features into their marketing workflow.


"Aproove has helped us to create a unique solution for our marketing services work.
Aproove is constantly updating their product"

London Office of Sapient Nitro has built a strong and unique solution using Aproove API. Their Aproove solution is designed to handle a massive load of projects from all Sapient's remote offices with a seamless integration to their Xinet DAM production system. Aproove Architecture has a unique load distribution capability that offers Sapient Nitro a real world scalable solution with a very low footprint.

Realworld online proofing, online approval and even complex online collaboration became reality using Aproove for Sapient Nitro.

Caren KAUFFMANN - Delivery Lead at Sapient NItro

Havas has integrated Aproove in their HubPublishing solution proposal providing remarkable online proofing, online approval features and online collaboration or approval steps. This is widely used between Havas Production services and all the creative agencies of the Havas group.

Adding to our 60 years of expertise in the professional treatment of photography, our goal is to make our services immediately available on the web to our clients, whether those clients be individual photographers or large businesses... It is evident that Aproove will allow us to bring in many more prestigious clients...Over a period of three months, seven prestigious clients of Picto have begun to use Aproove. Now they can’t live without it!

Realworld online proofing, online approval and even complex online collaboration became reality using Aproove for Picto.

Phiilppe GASSMAN - Chief Executive Officer at Picto

"Our agency specializes in communications and retail marketing, and we produce a large number of publications. We’re happy we’ve trusted our creative projects to the Aproove Digital Collaboration Solution. We collaborate with most of our clients using this interactive tool, and it has become essential to our business. It’s been remarkable to see the evolution of this software, and we believe its performance will continue to increase in the future."

Realworld online proofing, online approval and even complex online collaboration became reality using Aproove for Hello.

Philippe BINDELS - Chief Executive Officer at HELLO Agency

Publicis Activ has chosen Aproove for their approval and collaboration solution outside and inside their environment. Aproove has been tightly integrated to their Xinet production system to fullfil end user needs VS production needs providing online approval and online proofing to their existing system. This integration runs great since early 2013.

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