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Video in Aproove

The needs of videographers are different from most other creative professionals.

A substantial chunk of the work is done between shooting and approval, where the videographer has limited contact with the client, leaving substantial room for creative differences. That's why effective communication is essential to ensure the final result is in line with the clients demands.


Improve your video collaboration and take away complexity

Aproove Work Management is designed to handle any size of visual project and over 80 different video file formats, including broadcast quality codecs such as Apple ProRes 422 HQ. The speed of our video collaboration tool means you won't need to worry about longer projects displaying in low resolution. Our system works natively with high resolution, so your client will be able view the highest quality first time, every time.

A video is not an easily comprehensible format from a non-professional perspective. If your client needs differences explaining to them in order to make their final approval decision, Aproove Work Management's video collaboration tool can display fast before and after comparisons between the updated version and its predecessor.

Some of the key video features include;

  • Video comparison view with simultaneous playback
  • Fast forward and rewind of video (with frame-by-frame option)
  • Individual Note looping
  • Timeline control for annotation notes (automatically jump to annotations on the video timeline when selecting a note)
  • Mute and Fullscreen control options
  • Ability to edit time markers within notes
  • Export videos from the dashboard
  • Admin setting controls to specify video processing options such as max bandwidth, mobile support, and multiple streaming resolution, among others
Improve your video collaboration - Aproove

Video Administration

The screenshot below shows the available video administration controls. All videos are pre-processed as soon as they are ingested into Aproove. This means that the processing is done up-front, and your users will never experience any buffering, even with HD videos.

Video Administration - Aproove