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The Asset Browser - Digital Asset Management (DAM) Interface

Aproove Work Management today expands its use case to incorporate Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities as part of the core product.

Aproove DAM

The Aproove Drive has been in existence for several years, giving users the ability to store, share, and distribute files within the interface. Those files could be proofs or supporting files such as creative briefs or master files. The Aproove Drive concept was at a "project level," meaning you stored and accessed the files at the project level. This feature was handy for Work in Progress files but a little limited if you wanted a full view of all your assets stored on Aproove.

Aproove Work Management with in-built DAM capabilities, just like conventional Digital Asset Management software, opens endless possibilities to manage "work in progress" projects while also having a holistic view of your data repository housed within the same system. Combine this with full online proofing and task management, and you have a fully incorporated Work Management platform to drive your business, with all the benefits of DAM software.

Some highlights of the Asset Browser (DAM) are;
  • Navigate files (file tree), Move, and create files and folders.
  • Search across all files stored on the Aproove Drive (based on user's permissions).
  • Reveal an assets folder location or open the project it is associated with.
  • Collection ("add to basket" function).
  • Distribute (asset share functions).
  • Kick-off project (use collected files to create a new project in Aproove).
  • Kick-off tasks based on the selected/collected assets.
  • Full asset previews (including multi-page documents).
  • Direct Online Proofing access if an asset is stored as a proof in the DAM.

Already have an existing DAM or ERP?

Aproove understands that some customers may already have a Digital Asset Management software  (DAM software) or ERP system. With this in mind, Aproove treated its own Aproove Drive as a 3rd party system meaning that integration into other systems is entirely possible.

In short, we will be adding the ability to re-point the Asset Browser menu from Aproove's Drive to browse any compatible DAM/ERP system via our connector API. For example, you could point the Aproove Asset Browser to navigate your Xinet, FullPress repository.

Let's take a closer look at some of the features!

Asset Browser - Functions


Navigate, search, and find the assets you are looking for. Click on the asset to add it to your collection, then use the functions as follows;

  • Click on the "# Items selected" to show the assets stored in your collection; use the X to remove all or individual items out of your collection. 
  • Select the download assets button download-asset if you wish to download your collection. Download in the original format or as a JPEG.
  • Select the share download link button share-asset if you wish to share the assets via a secure download link.
  • Click on the "Create Project from Selection" button if you wish to kick off a new Aproove project using the assets in your collection.

Asset Browser - Upload Files

To Upload files, drag and drop them anywhere in the Asset Browser view add-new-asset. Aproove will upload the asset into the folder in which you are navigated. If that folder is not your default upload location, you will get asked if you want to make the folder your new default upload area. Answer yes or no, and your file will be uploaded.

Asset Browser - File Tree Navigation

Navigate your Aproove Drive from the "My Assets" menu from the dashboard. Select folders in the file tree to show its contents. Search across file names, folder names, tags, metadata, and project name directly from the top-level or a specific folder location. Create and move files and folders using "drag and drop."

preview-asset Asset Browser - Asset Preview and Online Proofing

The preview icon preview-asset allows users to get a larger preview of the asset by hovering over it. If the user clicks the preview icon, one of two things will happen;

  1. The Asset will be displayed as a "file-preview," If the asset is multi-page, it will give a preview of all the pages. 
  2. If the Asset is stored inside Aproove as an Online Proof, the user will get taken to the review interface to annotate on the proof. (permission dependant).

    Asset Browser - Locate Asset and Open Project

Click the reveal button spotlight-asset-png to locate your asset in the file tree menu.
Click the open project button to open the project, which the asset is associated too. (If the asset is not part of a project, the button will not display).


Aproove Asset Browser functionality is available to all our enterprise customers. To add the features, you need to configure the option in the administration interface. Please contact if you would like any assistance. 

For our Aproove Classic (formally AprooveONE) customers, the Asset Browser is available if you are using 120GB or more data storage on the Aproove server. Please get in touch with our customer success team if you would like the Asset Browser functionality and meet the 120GB requirement, or you wish to increase your storage capacity to meet the 120GB requirement. 

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