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10 Benefits of using an Online Proofing tool for your marketing

Benefits of using an Online Proofing tool


Online proofing is now an everyday tool for most marketers in the world – and for many, an essential one. The speed, ease and control with which users can review, comment on and approve digital assets – be they videos, images or other documents – online, compared with other methods, far outweigh the alternative.

While the dawn of distributed offices and mobile-first working has meant that many of us are rarely in the same office as our colleagues, online proofing supports marketing teams in staying on-brand when producing assets, no matter where they are. Product, advertising, eComms and social content, delivered in multiple countries and cultures, is a complex feat to coordinate, especially when compliance steps can so easily be missed. A small infringement can cost a company a hefty fine, or undo years of hard-earned brand equity.

Your business can become more efficient with online proofing software, such as that from Aproove. The workflow process will be safer, you can save time and money, and you’ll reduce your stress levels.

Here are ten reasons why you should be using online proofing when running your next marketing campaign:

1. Streamline your workflow: 


Depending on which online proofing software you have, you can upload and manage your digital assets, and assign approvals of those files in one central location, making it so easy for everyone who needs to see the files. Aproove Online Proofing software dramatically simplifies the process of content review and approval – centralizing your process, and enabling real-time collaboration across 180+ media formats. No more ‘de-centralized’ email threads, and reviewers will always stay on-track with their personal ‘task’ lists and automatic reminders


2. Checking Copies:

Checking copies online means no time spent swapping emails, no need for ‘latest version’ email attachments and a document that scores out the changes all in one place. Save your team valuable time and improve the efficiency of your projects. Whether you have a rapid turnaround project or simply want to demonstrate your ability to perform complex tasks quickly, using an online proofing tool can help you achieve this goal. The advanced functionality of these programs means that you have everything you need, in one place, ready to go at a moment’s notice.

3. Improved collaboration: 

Because online proofing software enables more than one team member to view and comment on a single asset at a single time, collaboration is enhanced and the risk of miscommunication is reduced. With Aproove, real-time annotations, comments and threaded conversations in the tool mean that an asset can be collaborated on using annotations. @ mention a user in a comment if you want to bring a user into a conversation thread around a proofing comment using the online proofing tool. Controlling the collaboration in one place, and using online proofing tools, eliminates miscommunication and dramatically reduces the number of revisions.

4. Consistent feedback: 

With online proofing software, stakeholders and team members will provide your design with the same feedback. This cuts down the likelihood of conflicting comments and helps to maintain project goals.

5. Increased accuracy: 

Online checking of proofs allows you to zoom in on detail in your digital assets to make sure you achieve all quality standards. Based on some special features, users can check the finer detail such as small text and icons by deep zooming into the proofs at an accelerated speed.

6. Greater visibility: 

Being cloud-based, with online proofing software everyone can always see your project’s status. This actually helps keep a collective brain from constantly checking in with another. We have individual “Task” dashboards, along with an “All Projects” dashboard from which everyone can see what is going on. We can actually see how the health of our project is tracking. This really helps prioritize tasks. Everything is also customizable per user.

7. Reduced errors: 

As you know your brand’s assets will be used by others, online proofing helps to protect against errors in spelling, transcription mistakes, errors in color, and inconsistencies. All of these ensure your brand speaks with a consistent voice and is placed in the right context. Versioning tools that can render side by side, overlay, pixel, or ghost comparison between versions, or other proofs.

8. Increased flexibility: 

Assets can be proofed by team members at their own pace and from any web browser-enabled device, thus not having to worry about logistical and time zone related issues. And, with Aproove’s Annotation Flow Management feature, administrators can choose to manage what ‘notes’ flow between whom, and companies can build the most complex and sophisticated review cycles in a single or multi-step workflow.

9. Simplified approvals: 

Approvals with online proofing tools are easy to track and manage, helping to cut down the time to market and turn projects around quicker.

10. Improved accountability: 

An audit trail of all proof comments and revisions can be created with online proofing software, ensuring duty of care and allocation of tasks. The system also ensures a clear track of responsibility and accountability for the project. Proofs can be locked at stage and recalled to check, track how many times it was opened and by whom.

Online proofing software is a must for any modern marketing teams. The advantages are numerous, starting from the workflow improvement and the time saving, and ending with the greater accuracy, consistency, visibility and accountability. If you want to improve the productivity of your marketing campaigns, further smoothen your project workflow, speed up your editor’s turnaround times, make the process of proofing and making corrections much easier, feel free to use online proofing tools and discover the great results yourself.

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