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10 Benefits of using an Online Proofing tool for your marketing

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Online proofing has become a popular tool for marketers around the world, and for many a necessary one. It allows users to review, comment on, and approve digital assets such as videos, images, and other promotional materials used within a marketing campaign at far greater speed, ease and control then other methods.

With the rise of remote working, and distributed teams who are not always together physically within an office, online proofing has become essential for marketing teams, ensuring that they stay aligned when it comes to the production of assets. Delivering a mix of product, advertising, eComms and social content distributed across multiple countries and cultures can be exceptionally challenging. Compliance steps can be easily missed, resulting in costly fines or damaged brand reputation.

Online proofing software, such as that from Aproove, can help streamline your organization, and reduce risk, as well as saving you time and money.

Here are ten reasons why you should be using online proofing when running your next marketing campaign:

  1. Streamline your workflow: With good online proofing software, you can easily upload and manage the approval of your digital assets in one central location. This makes it easy for everyone involved in the project to access and review the files. Aproove Online Proofing software allows you to centralize your content review and approval process with real-time collaboration across 180+ media formats. Eliminate de-centralized email threads and keep reviewers on track with personal "task" lists and automated reminders.

  2. Save time: Online proofing eliminates the need for back-and-forth emails and multiple versions of the same file. This saves your team time and improves project efficiency.

  3. Improved collaboration: With online proofing, multiple team members can review and comment on the same asset at the same time. This improves collaboration and reduces the chances of miscommunication. With Aproove, real-time annotations, comments, and threads allow for collaboration within the online proofing tool. Users can even @mention another user to bring them into a conversation thread related to a proofing comment. A centralized approach such as this eliminates miscommunication and results in far fewer revisions.

  4. Consistent feedback: Using online proofing software ensures that team members and stakeholders provide consistent feedback. This reduces the chances of conflicting comments and helps to maintain project goals.

  5. Increased accuracy: With online proofing, you can zoom in on specific details in your digital assets to ensure accuracy. This results in a final product that meets all quality standards. Special features, such as a Deep Zoom function, allows users to zoom deeper into proofs at a faster pace, enabling them to check finer detail such as small text and icons.

  6. Greater visibility: Online proofing software provides greater visibility into your project's progress. This helps to keep everyone involved in the project informed and updated. A centralized dashboard means that each user has both an individual "Task" dashboard and access to an "All Projects" dashboard. Project health is therefore monitored, and each dashboard can be customized per user.

  7. Reduced errors: Online proofing reduces the chances of errors and inconsistencies in your digital assets. This helps to maintain your brand's reputation and ensures that your message is communicated effectively. Versioning tools allow side by side, overlay, pixel, or ghost comparison between versions or other proofs.

  8. Increased flexibility: Online proofing allows team members to review assets at their own pace and from anywhere with an internet connection, eliminating logistical and time zone barriers. With a feature like Annotation Flow Management, you can control the flow of "notes" between different users and groups, and companies can cater to the most advanced and sophisticated review cycles, deploying in single or multi-step workflows.

  9. Simplified approvals: With online proofing, approvals are streamlined and easy to manage. This results in faster project completion and a shorter time to market.

  10. Improved accountability: Online proofing software provides a regulatory compliant audit trail of all comments and revisions. This helps to ensure accountability and that responsibilities are clear and tracked for the project. Proofs can be locked at each revision stage and can get recalled to check when changes were made and by whom, allowing for a full audit trail.

In conclusion, online proofing is an essential tool for modern marketing teams. Its benefits are numerous and range from improved workflow, efficiency and time benefits, to increased accuracy, consistency, visibility, and accountability. By using online proofing for your marketing campaigns, you can streamline your workflow, save time, increase collaboration, and reduce errors.

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