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Why do Advertising Agencies need better Project Management Software?

creative agency project management software


In today's busy, bustling and nit-picking advertising industry, good project management makes advertising agencies thrive. Advertising agencies have to manage multiple products, clients, campaigns and deliverables on a day-to-day basis. Having an efficient system in place to do this becomes vital as it saves huge amount of time and resources. Traditional project management is time consuming and no longer the preferred method. Therefore, modern day agencies require new and improved advertising agency project management software, like that from Aproove Work Management.

Here are a some of the key reasons why:

Project Planning that is linked to Work in Progress!

Traditional Aproove's Project Management tools are independent tools. The user is assigned something in the project plan, but then has to go away and do that job before checking back into the project plan and ticking it as ‘done’.

What if you had a project planner tool that you mapped directly to the business processes, so the project plan would update what happens in the real-time as you accomplished the work automatically? Now, actually linking the project plan to the in-process work becomes a possibility with Aproove.

Streamlined Collaboration

Creating a successful ad campaign requires collaboration between the client, the creative team, account managers, and vendors. The implementation of better creative agency project management software will certainly lead to increased collaboration among all the team members, because instead of having to send files and documents through their emails, they can all access whatever they need from this single platform. This will help agencies reduce delays and misunderstandings and ensure that everyone is on the same page at all time thereby increasing their productivity and the outcome of the campaign as a whole.

Improved Time and Resource Management

Ad agency teams work on hundreds of different projects. Each project requires a different budget, timeline and resources allocation. Advertising agency project management software streamlines internal communications and helps agencies allocate resources effectively, track project progress, monitor budgets, and identify potential bottlenecks. With live insights into any project’s progress, agencies can reactively manage projects to avoid delays or budget overruns and meet client expectations.

Enhanced Workflow Automation

In addition to taking up considerable time, manual tasks often open up an opportunity for human error. Project management software that automates repetitive tasks – like frequently sending out status updates, compiling reports, or assigning jobs – helps ad agencies save time, reduce the likelihood of errors, and free up personnel for the creative aspects of their jobs. Automating simple workflows allows agencies to organize their efforts, eliminate menial busywork and deliver projects on-time and error-free.

Clearer Communication with Clients

A key part of running a successful advertising campaign involves maintaining consistent communication with clients. A proper ad agency project management solution would facilitate this communication by keeping clients informed about project developments, deliverables and progress. It allows disseminating updates through client portals and dashboards, as well sharing deliverables, receiving feedback, and obtaining prompt approvals. This level of transparency means that agencies and clients are always on the same page, which is crucial for building a strong, sustainable relationship.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Traditional creative agency project management software now allows for robust reporting and analytics tools to derive useful information from project data. It’s now possible to track project progress from the project manager’s view, measure key performance indicators, identify trends and evaluate whether we are making a profit on a project. This allows the creative agency to make better decisions, improve processes, utilize resources more effectively and increase profits.

Ad agencies face challenges with time management since they are expected to deliver the client’s message at the right time. Using the most appropriate software for project management is an effective way to turn the ad agency into a highly profitable business that can afford to deliver successful campaigns to its clients.

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