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Boosting Creative Workflows: 12 Ways Online Proofing Software Can Make a Difference

Boosting creative workflows using online proofing software


Efficiency makes or breaks creative work. In order to come up with something creative, unique and eye-catching on the deadline, accuracy and team work are necessary.

Enter online proofing software – the creative professionals’ workflow efficiency and productivity hack! Find out how 12 different types of digital content could be radically improved by using online proofing software on the Aproove blog. 

Real-Time Collaboration 

Feedback and input can be shared in real-time, no matter where team members are based, thanks to online proofing software. Proof owners can access project files at any time and leave comments directly on the proof, where their colleagues can read and respond to them.

Faster Feedback Loops  

Goodbye to readers having to dig through multiple pages of feedback in a chain email when all they need is a one-line fix. Whether it’s spotting typos in a brochure, or resizing an image in a banner ad, stakeholders can simply mark it up in that very same asset, which in turn can save time in the turnaround.

Centralized Asset Management 

Centralized asset management makes all of this a thing of the past, so there’s really no excuse for files sitting in odd and disparate places. Aproove, for example, is an online proofing tool with a single hub for all your creative assets, offering you the ability to keep great order, see what has been changed and how, and have access to the most recent version of your work.

Version Control 

Stop wasting your time with confusing versions and use a robust system of version control. An online proofing tool will help ensure that everyone is working on the most recent version of a project, thereby reducing the chances of errors and improving project accuracy as a whole.

Time-Stamped Audits 

These allow for a complete audit trail of the review and approval process. With an online proofing tool, you can usually track all activities in an automatic, time-stamped register, which can be beneficial for your teams to see the progress of a project and pinpoint bottlenecks.

Customizable Workflows 

If you’re a team of creatives with particular needs, you can adapt this proofing process for your project. Good online proofing software will allow you to set up a workflow the way you want it, and then your team will follow that process through to completion – from concept to approval.

Global Accessibility 

Easy accessibility is a key factor, particularly now that so many of us are working remotely and have flexible working hours. Having an online proofing tool allows a team to view, share, add comments and request edits from any device that connects to the internet. It is highly helpful when and where so many businesses have staff scattered across the globe!

Integrated File Formats 

One of the fundamental features of online proofing systems is support for many different file formats, including images, video and PDF files, as well as others.

Automated Notifications 

Never miss a deadline or comment, with emailed notifications that alert you to comments to review on each proof, deadlines coming up, upcoming approvals, and more.

Elimination of Repetitive Tasks 

Spend less time on boring admin tasks such as uploading files, posting updates and sending out emails, and more time on the design itself. File upload, status update and notification email, all taken care of. With online proofing tools, you spend less time on the admin and more time on the creative.

Enhanced Accuracy with Markup Tools 

Detailed feedback is essential for finessing creative work. The online proofing tool you settle on should include the ability to mark up and annotate your work directly on the proof to help stakeholders be more specific in their comments. This also reduces the risk of miscommunication.

Improved Client Collaboration 

For agencies or freelancers, live proofing makes it easier for the clients to be part of the process. Clients can easily review the work, give feedback and accept the work before it even goes live in the market. It makes the relationship between clients and the agency run a lot smoother and smoother.

Adding online proofing software, such as Aproove, to your creative workflows is the savvy move. Real-time feedback loops, central storage of digital assets management (DAM) and customisable workflows turn creative teams into productive units. Teams will inevitably ask for an extension once in a while, but meeting deadlines is a must too.

If you are ready to join a new era of collaborative creativity with online proofing, experience how ideas come to life by see work flow from your computer to the world!


Read more, over on the Aproove blog.


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