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Online Proofing Software: A Guide to Enhancing Client Satisfaction for Businesses

Enhancing client satisfaction using online proofing software

This year, businesses will be finding ways to work more efficiently and create better experiences for their clients. One of the faster ways to improve the client experience is to speed up review and approval cycles and increase collaboration, and this is where online proofing can come into play. On the Aproove blog today, we’ll explain how you can use online proofing software to improve client satisfaction. Happy client = happy business.


Streamlining Communication

Communication is the cornerstone of any business-client relationship, by having comments and feedback options within the software, its centralized, and in one place for both parties. Time spent on email threads can be reduced, ensuring both client and business can communicate concisely. Using the online proofing software, such as that from Aproove, enables a more precise form of communication by commenting on the proof directly. When clients are able to articulate their thoughts regarding a project, it aids with understanding their needs. Enabling the flow of ideas is imperative to ensure client expectations are met.

Accelerating Review and Approval

Creative asset review and approval process was once cumbersome and time-consuming. Online proofing software helps companies to speed up this process. Clients are able to review the proofs from anywhere and at any time (even at night) to provide their feedback quickly. Businesses benefit from a faster workflow and higher client satisfaction. Clients can now approve proofs almost instantly and their comments are clearly recorded in the audit trail, helping businesses respond to tight deadlines more efficiently.

Ensuring Accuracy and Consistency

With online proofing software there is improved clarity of vision for users there’s a high resolution of the proofs so that what they get is what they expect. Since the client can review the document thoroughly, there’s less chance of an amendment request and eliminating a huge number of errors.

Customizing Workflows to Fit Client Needs

Clients are different. From their perspective, they might want one thing, while another client needs another, and yet another requires something else. The same online proofing software makes it possible for businesses to tailor workflows to these needs. Maybe one client wants to review in a particular way; maybe one needs to accommodate multiple stakeholders; maybe another client has specific approval criteria. Either way, the software can be configured to these different needs. This level of customization, in turn, can improve client satisfaction – because you are making an investment in personalizing the service provided for the client.

Enhancing Accessibility and Convenience

Clients can access the proofs whenever they want to, and they can do it wherever they are: on a desktop computer, a tablet or a smartphone. They can look at the creative assets and give feedback – anywhere they have internet that is. Online proofing software speeds up the entire process. It shows you are committed to convenience. This is a big driver to client satisfaction in an increasingly global, remote working world.

Version Control and History Tracking

In any creative project, it’s important to have version control so the most recent changes are implemented instead of the wrong version. A good online proofing tool has versioning automatically so that the client’s business can easily go back to the history and see exactly what has changed. This helps the business become more accountable and transparent while also increasing the client’s confidence in the revision process.

Including online proofing software for your business can be a great step which helps you get closer to your clients by increasing satisfaction ratings. An online proofing tool can take your business to a whole new level by providing an easy to use interface for streamlined communication and open up doors of creativity while providing superior customer service with the fast review and approval process.

With client-centric approaches and efficiency an absolute must in this digital world, online proofing software is another tool that brands can leverage to maintain meaningful long-term client relationships.

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