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How does Marketing Automation software benefit a business overall?

Benefits of marketing automation software


It’s a fast-moving, hyper-competitive digital environment, and if you are running a business, you need to maintain your competitive edge. Many organizations are striving to do this through marketing automation software, a rapidly growing sector of data-driven marketing strategies.

On this blog from Aproove, we look at how marketing and business automation software such as that from Aproove's work management software can help businesses become more productive, more customer-centric, and more profitable.


Time and Resource Efficiency 


Marketing automation software can be a powerful asset for the job of task management. This type of software increases productivity for marketing teams, as it frees up time and valuable resources by automating tasks that are repetitive and time consuming. Tasks can be scheduled, executed and tracked in the task management software, triggering events to occur on a timely basis without the need for human interaction. Workflows can be pre-programmed to automatically execute, giving the team the ability to manage marketing campaigns much more effectively than if the team had to manually schedule all the marketing tasks. Marketing automation software provides teams with a platform that is centralized, enabling the team to see updates in real-time, assign tasks and monitor progress. These features help the team to better track tasks, allowing them to redirect time and resources to more strategic and creative planning and developing a closer relationship with the customer base. Ultimately, this improves marketing campaigns and leads to overall better marketing performance. 

Online Proofing, Review and Approval


Marketing teams can help streamline the online proofing, reviewing and approval process through the use of marketing automation software with built-in collaboration tools. Stakeholders can access and review marketing materials easily through one centralized place when working on a design, copy, or campaign. Automatic notifications and reminders can also serve as triggers for those that are involved in the review process, keeping all parties on track, and helping to avoid any deadlocks. Automation also enables version control between iterations so that everyone is aligned and working on the latest version of the same asset. Marketing automation assists in the exchange of communication and feedback between teams, leading to stronger overall morale and reduced miscommunication. Through improved team collaboration, marketing automation can simplify and accelerate the entire proofing and approval process, leading to more productive teams and faster time-to-market, which ultimately leads to more successful and effective marketing campaigns.

Ensure Compliance


Marketing automation software, such as the kind provided by Aproove, can be extremely useful in helping businesses comply with regulatory requirements and industry codes. By standardizing the marketing process, the software ensures that there is consistency in the content, branding and legal compliance of all marketing materials and campaigns – a benefit for companies operating in the Insurance industry or for Government departments and ministries. By setting up workflows and approvals according to well-defined rules, businesses can be confident that every marketing asset is thoroughly vetted against internal and external requirements. As content is created, marketing automation software provides real-time reporting on the actual marketing activities and helps companies identify any content or practice that fails to comply with regulatory requirements or company policy in real-time. In this way, companies can proactively mitigate company compliance risk and any potential legal repercussions. Customers will be confident about the company’s compliance and reputation with the law, which can help build trust.

KPI and Business Reporting


A business performing marketing functions using the marketing automation software is essentially using one of the most important tools for KPI tracking, reporting and tracking marketing team performances‘ progress. Through the aid of marketing automation software, companies can track real-time information about the performance of their marketing campaigns, content and strategies.

Marketing automation can draw, collect and analyze data from different sources and present organizations with a holistic view of the effect of their marketing efforts on the overall objectives of the business. It can provide relevant, enriching and detailed insights and reports that can be customized to fit the specific needs of marketing teams. Information about specific KPIs and metrics can be made available in a range of formats, from basic line graph overviews to interactive reports, enabling marketing professionals to drill down into the data for more detailed analysis.

For instance, marketing automation software can be designed to track and report on the number of marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) that are generated by marketing campaigns, measuring the prospect’s engagement in marketing activities. The reporting functions of marketing automation software can aid in tracking leads from the point of entering the sales funnel to closure to assess the ROI.

The use of marketing automation software assists marketing teams by eliminating reporting bottlenecks and reducing redundant, ineffective tasks, thereby creating more time for these teams to make data-informed decisions. The comprehensive dashboards available in marketing automation software can aid teams in assessing the ROI of digital marketing campaigns, identify areas that are working effectively, and identify weaknesses that need to be addressed.

Sales and Marketing Alignment 


Marketing and business automation software enables sales and marketing teams to share information and collaborate effectively. It serves as a way to bridge the gap between sales and marketing teams by sharing important data and insights. This ensures that both teams share the same goals. For instance, sales can have important information about how prospects engage with their databases, which in turn helps them engage with prospects and close prospects at a higher rate.

Scalability and Growth 


Automated software helps companies gain agility and scalability in marketing.

The software empowers businesses in both large and small instances to handle the increasing number of clientele without an enormous rise in expenditure. The reason behind this is that marketing automation software facilitates the scaling-up of marketing activities by doing repetitive tasks, and this is available at almost no extra cost. Furthermore, by using the software, companies can handle more tasks than they can possibly handle manually in a day, overcome obstacles as well as bring human-like reasoning to the table – all day, every single day.

Another advantage of automation software is that it provides the opportunity to explore and experiment to bring about significant progress for the company’s image and financial status. Additionally, businesses that adopt automated software can expand operations and cater to a larger audience.

It also allows the business to cater for growth while maintaining the ideal number of staff. And upscale their marketing activities without a significant increase in headcount, saving on staffing costs. It also Picks up multiple tasks 24/7, and scales up/down to cope with the business growing/slowing down, plus allowing the business to extend operating hours and cater for a wider customer base.

The arguments for investing in marketing and business automation software seem compelling. A business can grow its audience, better connect with its customers, and maximize its return on investment by freeing up staff time, uncovering customer insights and enabling people to work together more effectively.

Aproove's Work Management Software delivers streamlined, automated marketing to increase profitability, deliver more personalized customer experiences and gain a competitive edge.


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