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Adobe Workfront Proof user? Make the transition to Aproove’s Online Proofing!

Adobe Workfront user Oct 23

Today we’re here to shout from the rooftops all about Aproove’s Online Proofing capability. Online proofing is our roots: we started as an Online Proofing company, before expanding our capability to serve enterprise-scale clients with Work Management needs.

Aproove is now much more than Online Proofing (although our Online Proofing capabilities far exceed anything else on the market today). After Adobe Workfront’s recent announcement, Aproove Work Management is now proud to be the only Work Management tool with fully integrated Online Proofing.

Aproove also covers Project Management, resource management, workflow automation, task management, online proofing, business reporting and analytics, and much more!

If your requirement right now is Online Proofing, we have you covered, and we can make this work seamlessly with Adobe Workfront! However, working with Aproove future proofs your investment giving you the possibility to scale your platform into a fully integrated Work Management platform (or not, the choice is yours!)

We know that many great online proofing technologies are available on the market right now, however many of these are targeted towards small teams with basic online proofing requirements, or suggested Workfront Proof replacements may be very video focused.

Whilst Aproove Online Proofing can cater for those simple online proofing needs, our USP is the fulfilment of business critical, and sometimes extremely complicated review and approval cycles for larger organizations, who may also have legal regulatory requirements.

With the above in mind, here are 5 Great Benefits for using Aproove’s Online Proofing…

Integration Capabilities

Aproove Work Management understands that it's not the only tool in your tech stack. Therefore, it offers seamless integrations with popular project management and creative tools, such as Adobe Workfront. Directly interface your Adobe Workfront instance with Aproove's powerful Online Proofing capabilities. Whether your proofing requirements are basic or highly sophisticated, Aproove can have you fully integrated and up and running in no time! This integration is possible using Aproove's own recently launched middleware platform, Aproove Concoord. Aproove also can expand this integration further based on customer needs. This integration capability enhances the overall efficiency of your workflow by eliminating the need to switch between multiple platforms, enabling teams to work within their preferred tools, while still leveraging the power of Aproove for efficient proofing and approval processes.

Streamlined Collaboration

Aproove Work Management serves as a centralized platform for teams to collaborate on creative projects. Traditional proofing methods often involve countless email exchanges, leading to confusion and version control issues. With Aproove, stakeholders can access a centralized space to review, comment, and approve content in real-time. This streamlines collaboration, reduces the risk of miscommunication, and ensures that everyone is on the same page throughout the creative process.

Faster Review and Approval Cycles

One of the most significant advantages of Aproove is its ability to significantly shorten review and approval cycles. Our platform provides a user-friendly interface where team members can annotate directly on the content, making feedback clear and actionable. With real-time updates and notifications, stakeholders can promptly address comments and move projects forward, accelerating time-to-market for critical campaigns and projects. With our Smart Review technology, you can make decisions on individual proofs, even on multi-page documents. Aproove works at the page level, not the proof level & therefore, we will never ask you to split your multi-page documents.

Automated or manual note tagging within Aproove makes it easy to classify review notes. Filter, sort, and report on note classifications with ease. These are permission-based and can be customized for every project.

Version Management

Version management is critical when reviewing proofs; without Aproove online proofing, one of the most significant risks is reviewers marking up an out-of-date proof. Aproove automatically locks down the old proof version when you upload a new version and prevents reviewers from marking up an old version by making it read-only.

Aproove will automatically detect any changes between the proof versions and highlight them in one of four different display modes, side-by-side, pixel, ghosting, and overlay mode.

Annotation and Markup Tools

Unique to Aproove Work Management, our Multi-Function Markup Tool enables users to markup a proof in different ways using just one smart tool. Aproove WM created a single markup tool that has the intelligence to detect what content you are reviewing, which enables users to have a more efficient and user-friendly proofing experience. By having a single multi-function markup tool, this results in minimal end-user training, which makes for a much smoother onboarding and user experience. Having multiple tools in a pallet adds more complexity to the user experience and can become frustrating and confusing when you have to keep switching between tools.

Interested in online proofing for your organization? Talk to one of our team and take a product tour!

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