Digital Content collaboration for Videographers

The needs of videographers are different to most other creative professionals. A substantial chunk of the work is done between shooting and approval, where the videographer has limited contact with the client, leaving substantial room for creative differences. That’s why effective communication is absolutely essential to ensure the final result is in line with the client’s demands.

Aproove’s online proofing software functions as an outstanding video collaboration tool to facilitate open and clear lines of discussion, making the daily life of a videographer considerably easier.


Cloud Based Server For Large Files

Technical specifications also play a major role in choosing what video collaboration tool is going to establish the best possible understanding between all participants in the project. An inherently digital, usually large file format needs a digital proofing solution that can cope.

Using a cloud based server, Aproove is designed to handle any size of visual project and over 80 different video file formats, including broadcast quality codecs such as Apple ProRes 422 HQ. The speed of our video collaboration tool means that you won’t need to worry about longer projects displaying in low resolution. Our system works natively with high resolution, so your client will be able to view the highest quality first time, every time.

Real Time With Clients

If your client has any query about the work as they are reviewing it, they shouldn’t need to wait for your reply. Simple delays in receiving feedback will only slow the project down, potentially meaning that it runs over deadline, creating unnecessary costs. Communication is one of Aproove’s highest priorities, with an intuitive and intelligent annotation tool that promotes understanding regardless of your client’s level of technical expertise.

After all, video is not an easily comprehensible format from a non-professional perspective. If your client needs differences explaining to them in order to make their final approval decision, Aproove’s video collaboration tool can display fast before and after comparisons between the updated version of the project and its predecessor, highlighting changes with a mask.


Integration With Other Systems

Technical incompatibility between systems can be a nightmare for videographers, as every frame of the finished product has been carefully crafted to perfection. Using a video collaboration tool that isn’t interoperable with your editing suites only exaggerates this issue, and can make delivering the file to your client for proofing feel like a challenge.

Aproove is a fully flexible system, both in terms of integrating with your existing video creation software and uploading the project to the server. Either drag and drop the file, or make use of the advanced automated system that uses hot folders to work closely with your production systems.

Try Before You Buy

Want to know more? If we haven’t quite convinced you that Aproove is the video proofing software you need to make your daily business operations run smoother than ever, you are welcome to try it and see for yourself.

We offer a 14 day trial of Aproove ONE software, which is our standard edition, allowing photographers to reap the rewards of our one of a kind cloud based photography proofing software for a short term before committing to a plan. If you choose to purchase one of our four available editions before the trial’s end, you will be refunded the difference on your first payment.

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