Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Aproove V2.1 Released

release 2.1
Dear Partners and Friends,

We are proud to announce the official release of Aproove V.2.1 - This introduction was expected from a lot of our customers waiting for the killer features it provides. Aproove V2.1 is introducing a totally new range of features to give the control of Aproove management to the users. Most of the common admin tasks are now available to power users like Project Managers in order to give them a lot of freedom in their day to day usage.

We introduced 100+ new features on the previous release like the ability to store, preview, download, upload, etc any kind of files aside your online proofing projects : The Aproove DRIVE (first step to Aproove DAM). The Aproove Drive features replaces Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP, WeTransfer or any FTP server with a lot of integrated features to the classical online proofing capabilities of Aproove (Invitation) everything in a secured and powerful place. A new capability to create and manage projects directly from the web frontend without the need of the local network access. Just drag and drop your files to proof online, that's instant, easy and it works so fast!

Please see release notes on License portal for detailed feature list.

During the past year, we also introduced a new product called Aproove Express, an instant online proofing service for Enfocus Switch - See www.aproove-express.com for more informations. For existing customers running on premise installations of Aproove, a plugin to connect your local Switch with your local Aproove server is available.
Contact Serge LO GRASSO for more information about this new option.

This new release is a production preview the Aproove V3.0 planned for Q1/2016 following the launch of a new Saas product range: Aproove One. Please note that Aproove One will be launched in Japan around mid December and will be launched in Europe and USA in early 2016 - Stay tuned!

agent 2.1AGENT 2.1 - RELEASE

- Support animated Gifs in VIDEO provider for web banners

- Support for Website is now production.
- Support load balancing between multiple agent
- Support multiple server connection from one agent
- Support multiple Agent instance Queue for parallel processing of jobs as well as a full recovery mode.
- Extended support of MS office documents (XLSX, DOCX, PPTX)


- A complete interface face lift has been done to reflect the new design trends. This is a preview of the full face lift of V3.0 planned for early next year. A reviewed Mobile interface is currently under construction with a totally new app concept.

- Whoever you are, Aproove will now guide you in all interfaces' part and buttons with an interactive digital assistant focussing on interesting area of the GUI and explaining you how it works. From project managers to anonymous guests. You will never be alone in Aproove. This assistant is now available in French, English and Japanese.

- Aproove DRIVE with preview capability of 100+ standard file formats, instantly. An extended capability to manage DRIVE folder structure per project, with extended rights and privileges on folders and files. Manage Drive templates for future reuse in Aproove configurations.

- Aproove Uploader tool : you can now drag and drop your files in the browser window to feed project or simply feed your DRIVE - Creating a project has never been so straight forward. This tool is a bullet proof tool to upload any file size even with the poorest line with security and confidence (written in HTML5)

The list of improvements/features is 100+, see release notes for all details.

As usual, it is mandatory to run Agent and Server from the same release version for getting bug free operations. For details of what feature is included, please refer to release notes from license site on each of the modules.

licensing LICENSING

For being able to run this new version you will require a new license key to be generated for your existing server. Please send your request to support@aproove.com


All support request should be sent to support@aproove.com This mail box is redirected automatically to the right person internally, no need to put anyone in copy!


The official 2.1 manual will be available soon as it requires a huge work to update the previous one. You will all get notification when these manuals will be ready for download.

Several new technotes are available, please have a look at https://license.aproove.com

price listNEW PRICE LIST

Aproove's economical model has changed a year and a half ago to fit the Saas demands of the market. We are glad to say that this model is very successful and will be extended to offers new products. On premise edition are still available on request for the Executive edition only. Please note that the new price is including the hosting, support and sometimes installation cost, check where eligible on https://www.aproove.com/Prices

Feedback welcome on this "Big" release !

serge lograsso

For all details, contact Serge Lo Grasso
Serge will explain you the new opportunities this model has to offer as well as how to convert this into you success story for both you client and you.

LinkedIn - Mail +33 6 29 44 20 47


I would like to thanks my wife, my kids for their support these last months because I was not so much at home, sleeping at the office or in planes and also the whole team for their work and commitment...

Happy CEO

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