Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Aproove V2.2 is now released

Release of Aproove V2.2

Dear Partners and Friends,

We are proud to announce the official release of Aproove V.2.2 - This introduction was expected from a lot of our customers waiting for it. Aproove V2.2 is introducing a lot of optimization on existing 2.1 servers by supporting extended load with same servers. This will be the last V2 release as we'll release Aproove V3 beta at the end of September.

We mainly introduced many improvements on existing features in this new release giving you more stability and productivity from your Aproove server or Aproove service. We reached above 60.000+ connected user per month in early September that confirmed the growing interest in Aproove.

Please see release notes on License portal for detailed feature list.

The Drupa Exhibition has shown a massive interest in the workflow capabilities in Aproove. Invitation Flow (the Aproove collaboration workflow) has been shown at Drupa and will be part of Aproove V3, the next release. This will introduce a new era in the collaboration workflow design as you will simply draw your workflow in a friendly editor and follow it graphically in both the flat plan display with color codes and a new graphical display mode dedicated for tracking workflow progress in realtime. This will give you a new control on the automation of the common collaboration task, sequences and automated decisions.

Last year, we introduced a new product called Aproove Express, an instant online proofing service for Enfocus Switch - See for more informations. This service is heavily used now and run smooth in production by printers from all over the place. This is probably the smoothest Aproove version ever made... Very robust, plug and forget service!

For existing customers running on premise installations of Aproove, a plugin to connect your local Switch server with your local Aproove server is available. Contact Serge LO GRASSO about this new opportunity.

The launch of Aproove ONE has been a great success in Europe, Japan and US. A new release of the Aproove One portal is planned for end of September introducing the Aproove One Premium (introduced at Drupa in preview). Aproove one is the "plug and play" version of Aproove with all the power and specifically designed feature to fit the most demanding online proofing needs. This introduce the preview of what Aproove Executive will be by next year asAproove ONE is fully developed in HTML5... Stay tuned and visit for more information.


- Support Audio clip with annotation (radio spots, music tracks, etc.)
- Website rendering engine is now V2 and is production release.
- Support load balancing between multiple agent
- Support multiple server connection from one agent
- Support multiple Agent instance Queue for parallel processing of jobs as well as a full recovery mode.
- Extended support of MS office documents (XLSX, DOCX, PPTX)
- ADOBE Engine V15 plus is now available in 2.2 (Latest Adobe PDF technology)


- Speed Improvements in the web server is the major improvement of 2.2 :
- File archive compression is now 400% faster
- File rebuild when uploading is now 1000% faster (as well as preview in Drive)
- The push engine has been improved to decrease server resources needs and is 30% less than 2.1

- Aproove Uploader tool update : you can now drag and drop your files in the browser window to feed project or simply feed your DRIVE - Creating a project has never been so straight forward. This tool is a bullet proof tool to upload any file size even with the poorest line with security and confidence (written in HTML5). A full fallback uploader written in flash is available for the older browser that are not supporting HTML5 (before IE 10 or older Safari)

The list of improvements/features is very long, see release notes for all details from Aproove portal

As usual, it is mandatory to run Agent and Server from the same release version for getting bug free operations. For details of what feature is included, please refer to release notes from license site on each of the modules.


For being able to run this new version you will require a V2 license key to be generated for your existing server if you are still running a V1.x version. Please send your request


All support request should be sent to This mail box is redirected automatically to the right person internally, no need to put anyone in copy!


A reviewed technote concerning server sizing has been release (technote 5) according to 2.2 release.

Several new technotes are available, please have a look at


Aproove's website has been renewed in June for Drupa exhibition.

Please visit the new website and do a trial of Aproove One products or Express, that's free, just register.

Please note that the new price is including the hosting, support and sometimes installation cost, check where eligible on

Feedback welcome on this release !

Come and visit us at Booth D-4 in Page 2018 in Tokyo.